~ Cover Reveal ~ Corridors of Time by Vinay Krishnan

~ Cover Reveal ~
Corridors of Time by Vinay Krishnan


Corridors of Time tracks the story of a sensitive young man who grows from carefree childhood to eventful manhood – one who stumbles before learning to stride through those dark and dense passages.

Set in Bangalore – a city of paradoxes. of gardens and garbage heaps. of technology and traffic snarls. of friendly people and failing infrastructure. when bungalows had gardens and pavements were meant for pedestrians. this is a narrative of the human spirit.

Rohan, an idealistic young sports lover experiences rejection, dark dejection and isolation and hurtles down the path to self destruction.

Shyla, attractive and successful is everything his heart yearns for and his body desires, except, she is married!

Chandrika, simple and devoted fails to understand the man she loves.

The shuklas long for justice denied by the system.

And khalid fears nothing and no one …anymore.

About the Author:

Vinay Krishnan describes himself as a ‘complete Bangalorean’. A student of Clarence High School, he graduated in Humanities from St Joseph’s College. Earning a diploma in Business Administration, he began his career at Usha International Ltd and rose to a position of Senior Sales manager. Vinay has now set up a construction firm of his own. He also writes and devotes his time to an NGO assisting people with disability. The city of his dreams, Bangalore, where he stays with his wife and daughter, continues to inspire and exasperate him. He can be reached at – vinaykrshnn@yahoo.com.

Praises for the Book:

The book is simple in style and content, for often it is this simplicity that bewilders and rouses


~ Shri S . Rajendra Babu, Former Chief Justice of India

The book has excellent literary craftsmanship, passion humour and adventure. Highly recommended.

~ Mr. Namboodiri, former Asst. Editor, Deccan Herald

This charming book about old Bangalore is written in a racy easy-to-read style.

~ Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

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Print Length: 121 pages
Publisher: Indie published
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC 
Publication Date: December 19, 2017
Language: English
Genre: Romance 



A successful architect and a major player in a well reputed architectural firm, Piyush Mauli is sure of his life and what he wants even at a youthful age.A budding architect, Sunaina has a promising career ahead of her. Problem is, she has lost her will to live after suffering from months of abuse.

Piyush appreciates Sunaina’s skill as an architect but has no idea of the pain and trauma she hides under layers of make-up. At work, Piyush is a hard taskmaster and hides his tender and caring side behind his aggression.

Piyush doesn’t hesitate even for a moment to become Sunaina’s savior. But can a relationship formed under such traumatic conditions last the test of time? Can their relationship ever culminate in a love with a promise of togetherness forever?

Reading A Promise, Togetherness Forever will reinstate your belief that love can heal all wounds, those inflicted on the body as well as the soul.

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Reshma Ranjan is a passionate romantic who loves literature and has been driven by the romance around her. She has made up her own happy endings in her imagination for every movie and for every book with a sad ending. 
“Slowly I started to create my own characters and situation, creating a world of romance and happy endings to my liking. But for my laziness, I would have penned umpteen numbers of stories with unexpected people meeting and falling in love and uniting for a lifetime.”  
Also a voracious reader but for which she believes she could never have started writing. “If I can bring a smile and a happy sigh on at least one reader’s lips I will feel a blessed writer.”
You can stalk her @




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BOOK REVIEW OF Simply Irresistible by P.G.VAN


Mantra needed to finish her master’s thesis to start her career in psychology. She never thought she would have to work at Yash’s restaurant because she scratched his very expensive sports car. Left with no choice, she tries to make best out of the situation.

Yash is an accomplished and super-hot businessman, but Mantra thinks he is bad news. He is a local celebrity, and she has to work with him while fighting her undeniable attraction to the man. She cannot help but wonder why Yash owns a restaurant when he was a child prodigy in the medical field.

Mantra knew there was more to Yash’s cool exterior, but she doesn’t want to know anything about him—knowing more about him would only make him Simply Irresistible.

BOOK REVIEW OF Simply Irresistible by P.G.VAN


Simply Irresistible by P.G.VAN is a brilliant  book  to read especially on weekends because she has sketched her story and characters in a very charismatic way that would make your mind want a bed to curl on  to read her book .


The male and female protagonist are easy ,stubborn ,hard and good looking .Reading them made me feel like one amongst  them .Both the characters “Mantra” and “Yash” have tongue and head of their own .


Their statements and dialogues are good to enjoy .Its more or less like an ordinary couples story  who tireless argument , have sex and cook for each other .


P.G.VAN has used ‘psychology’a subject  and ‘cooking’ an art  (these both  are  close to heart)and she has used very well  in her  book called  “Simply Irresistible”).


  “Simply Irresistible” by  P.G.Van is cocktail of all the emotions .Its a perfect romance .


Lastly I  loved Samar and Sloka’s character .


I do want to read their romances…SO GO WOMAN FOR THAT TOO  PLEASE .


Aadarshini,Anika and Laya Krishnan’s Morning Inspirations

Induleka’s surprise

PHOTO SOURCE : www.shutterstock.com
                PHOTO SOURCE : http://www.shutterstock.com

Suresh annoyance mounts ,

As his parents sprout out their surprise ,

Two tired eyes meet other set of enthusiastic eyes ,

Suresh heart becomes stonic ,

Induleka feels pissed off ,

Seeing his ruthless behavior ,

She decides to leave ,

On her way she realizes ,

Two  hands holding her back .

Tch….her heart mutters ,

Turning her head to see,

Dhruv…Samrath…..she shouts ,

Giggling at her ,

Who are you ought leaving , Aunty …,


No one  she queers ,

 Only to find Suresh laughing at her ,

Climbing down the stair cases ,

He hugs her from behind ,

Mrs .Parikh lets have our ‘Chai Date’,

Kissing her lips ,

Suresh touches Induleka‘s  surprise ,


With Lots of Kisses and Hugs,


BOOK REVIEW : Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman


(The Bansal Legacy #1)
Sundari Venkatraman

Book Blurb

Rohit Bansal, the handsome and suave managing director of Simha International, is the envy of many—from a director of the hotel to an employee. A thief comes up with a simple modus operandi, believing that nobody’s really going to find out anything about the thefts taking place. But when a guest brings it to his notice, Rohit is determined to save the reputation of Simha International and ropes in a top-notch detective. Will Rohit be able to find who the thief is before time runs out? The lovely and intelligent Tasha Sawant goes to work at Simha International as the duty manager. Her experience in the hotel industry only adds to the hotel’s excellent service. Tasha is attracted to Rohit and it would seem that he reciprocates her feelings. Well, the lady isn’t looking for a permanent relationship as it looks likes she’s already had an unpleasant experience. But then, what about the guy? Does Rohit want any kind of relationship with Tasha? *Simha International is the first book in the trilogy called The Bansal Legacy.


Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman is good book to read . Sundari has penned her characters in a very nice fashion . Especially a business man with his perception towards his work life and love life .

I  loved Rohit Bansal character ,he is charming ,friendly and open.. 

Now to save his company reputation  he even forgets Tasha′s love which speaks volumes about his business persona .


Where as TASHA character is good to read but where I lost her is when she did   not  like  face her  tyrant brother entry and her family′s rants(is she being cowardice in approach like the timid rabbit 😦 ) .


Tasha made me feel like ‘ She was some kind of clingy parasite ’ who did not have any   work in Simha International other than thinking about Rohit Bansal ′s body , helping nature  ,and his exes .

TASHA needs to  be given some kind work  . Despite being duty manger  she fails to impress me , I am helpless that I FOUND  Tasha being  a helpless lady  .

Needlessly to say I did  not  either find Tasha  being a strong willed  persona like the author says .







OVERALL Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman is one time read book .


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Lion’s Angel

PHOTO SOURCE : Pinterest

PHOTO SOURCE : Pinterest

MEGRAJ roars at his parents like a lion ,

Born in SIMHA RASI  ie Leo  Zodiac Sign ,

He  has an independent thinking ,

That makes his parents helpless ,

Keshvi a Gemini cum Aries  ‘GOODNESS QUEEN’ ,

Tries not being a good girl ,

She rebels with her parents ,

Because of her creative nature and wearing her heart on sleeves ,

But if Keshavi ′s determines ,

She does .

Megraj  finds it hard to accept Keshavi′s presence in his life ,

One day in his 30 years of  the Lion King ′s  married life ,

MEGRAJ finds KESHAVI in list of top 20 CEO′s  of India,

Megraj feels hurt and backs off the stage ,

Keshavi half turning her head calls out ‘ MEG… ’,

MEGRAJ stops in his tracks ,

Kissing her lips passionately finally accepts her in his life as  ,



His daughters “Rohini” and “Roopini” shout aloud ,

Hugging all of them ,

MEGRAJ feels  like “Lion’s Angel ” in  his wife Keshavi ′ s body .


With Lots of Kisses and Hugs,

Nehaarikaa (SHOBITA)



BOOK REVIEW : Scorpio Superstar (Written in the Stars Book 1) By Sundari Venkatraman



Kollywood superstar Chandrakanth, also known as CK, is a true-blue Scorpio, communicating with his eyes and believing in showing more than telling. 

His website and social media consultant Ranjini is a Piscean through and through, fiercely independent.

It is love at first glance for Chandrakanth when he meets Ranjini; so strong are his feelings that he proposes marriage on their second meeting. Ranjini, fascinated by his starry persona, gets swept off her feet. The two get married without much of the world knowing—including CK’s aunt and his ex. 

The two women set out to settle their scores on Ranjini who suddenly begins to feel a strain in what was a fairy tale wedding.

While passion reigns on the one hand, there’s trouble in paradise on the other. Although CK is by her side, the Scorpio in him expects her to trust him implicitly. But can the Pisces in Ranjini accept him at his word?

Does the tension then get to their relationship? Can love survive without affirmations? Or is declaration the only way to profess one’s love?



*I am not a movie buff so do not know about concentric details about  it ,But… I  do watch Gujarati Plays and Short Urban Family Movies with a keen interest in it  so might be my review will  be biased   or  not up to one′s expectation .

Scorpio Superstar (Written in the Stars Book 1) by Sundari Venkatraman is a good read book .

She has penned her characters Chandrakanth and Ranjini  very well .

I do not know anything about  pros and cons  of a superstars life so I would not comment on character sketch of  Chandrakanth …

On the other hand Sundari  has sketched Ranjini ′s in a supremely  blissful way  . A Pisces person is very difficult nut to crack  for any one  for that matter  as they cannot accept things so dam easily you all might be know about them  me saying with a wink   .

Otherwise the book is perfect mixture of drama, emotions and helplessness .

I do not like the stingy attitudes of aunts and other relatives . But if they are not there life  would become tasteless  like water .

So do  read this book for CK the Scorpio Hero …..I  DO  PREFER MEN WITHOUT MUSTACHE ,SUNDARI …….

I THANK THE  AUTHOR FOR GIVING ME HER  BOOK Scorpio Superstar (Written in the Stars Book 1)FOR A  HONEST FEEDBACK. 


With Lots of Kisses and Hugs ,

Nehaarika (Shobita)