Pirate D realizes

Pirate D please use the anchor other  wise  you will fall down off the ship beta , Dev said by pulling her down by holding her collar . “Ha ha it’s you both who are going fall now as I going remove the anchor from it’s hook ”she says with a glint of  attitude filled in her eyes  as the ship contained  some robbed jewellery available in huge amounts  .

When she did it Dev , Aadarshini  and Pirate D  jumped off the  ship by  making them gasp for breath .Storm winds and waves pushed all of them apart  but Aadarshini who is a  trained and gold medallist swimmer went against it and  finds her husband and Pirate D ‘s whereabouts . Taking  them to a safe land she tries to revive them  by pressing their belly and then  she drops down  dead feeling unconscious.

All of a sudden on seeing  Dev revive Aadarshini  helplessly  Pirate D realizes that‘ human connections are more valuable than valuable goods’. After realizes this fact  she keeps  all the valuables aside and goes away from the safe land .

Leaving Dev and a Gregory Aadarshini  stunned and dumb found in disbelief  , they staring  at each other in joy  started to feel good because ‘ some change is better than no change’ .


Photo Source :https://blogarhythmblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/25/wordy-wednesday-4-november-2015-pictureprompt/



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