Guest Post by Namarata

Love’or ‘Soul mates ’ is something divine or pure  for some but ….for 21st century people it  is something  which they use it for ‘Status  Update ’

Let us see what Namarata has to say in this regard .

Does the term ‘Soulmates’ exits in the 21st century as the youth of this century have a totally different picture of L.O.V.E?


I have always noticed that the term soulmates have been given the meaning of a boy and a girl who are in love and are forever together since many births. I beg to differ here! My definition of soulmates comes from the age old definition of it highlighted by my favourite author Paulo Coelho in his book Brida.


Every time we die our soul goes up , breaks into two before coming back on earth. So technically if I were to be having my 6th rebirth on earth somewhere I have already got 5 soul mates !  These soul mates are beyond a gender, an age or a location. They are just special people with whom you develop a very close bond, feel deeply connected to and in my words, a soul that is able to sing back the song your soul wants to hear.


They could be friends, siblings, lovers or spouses. It their magical ability at understanding you so well that makes them your soul mate. Nothing more, nothing less. 


So yes soulmates have always existed, they did and will continue too. The challenge is are we able to recognize our soul mates ? In this mad race of getting it all and wanting instant gratification in everything we have forgotten that he basic need of our soul is love. And is that where we sometimes miss out on our soul mates.


I have always said, love never dies we do. Love never hurts, people in love do. Like ways the definition of love has not changed, it is we who have changed where we cannot differentiate between a need , a desire and a want and that is exactly where the chaos begins.


Today’s youth believes in a love which is best defined by them in their own words. But that no way means that the real original love is gone and forgotten. It still exists, even in their hearts in some deep corners long forgotten. With my book I am attempting to just remind every one, of such love which is straight from the heart to the soul!


 With lots of Happiness 


Niiharika 2o15 


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