Call it Love


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“Many say their happy married and love happily ever after “Anapurni said while negotiating the traffic of the local market .Dev Maharaj who typing some sales figure on the excel sheet laughs at her statements and says “Madamjee in which century are you living in “.
“Yeah Yeah people like you would say like this ” Anapurni mocking said as she parks her vehicle in front of ‘A international Hotel ‘ where her cousin brother is getting engaged today .Seeing kids playing around the corridor of the hotel her pale face lightens up.
Pushing the door of the conference turned engagement hall ,her eyes sets on her cousin brother’s choice .The cousin brother was a idealist child , her mother often compared her with him .But ….. today she has no words to express about her dislike towards her nephew’s choice and so…. she looking at her said “It a family tradition to accept anything and everything that people give and share with us.” Hmm… Anapurni chuckles by palming off a gift in her cousins brother ‘s arms and leaves the room in gusto by brushing off her tears because her family never gave ‘Dev’ her hubby darling a similar kind of respect which he deserves .


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With Lots of Happiness



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