Interview with a man of great vision


Howdy guys,

Today on my blog I am interview a very special person  who creates positive energy amongst people like  us  .My special  guest is professionally a  journalist  , but is passionate learner about  energies  present within and  around  us.My special guest is balanced and calm man.

Put you hand for R.Sridhar , my special guest is as cool like  a tandhai. Before I start the interview with you R.Sridhar. I would like you to tell a  few words about yourself .

Over to you , R.Sridhar.

Hey all , 

Good Afternoon!.It is my warm pleasure to be on  as being here makes me ‘feel good’ and‘ cheerful’ because the host niiharika2015 here is quiet loveable  , patient and tolerant (in certain matters ) ;-).So let’s start…


Mr R Sridhar lives two lives – one as a journalist, and the other
as a spiritualist. Both require a keen sense of observation, a
curiosity about what makes people tick, and a fascination about
unraveling the unknown.

Journalism is his profession – he currently works as Managing
Editor – Special Supplements with The Times of India in Mumbai.
He has spearheaded publications such as Times Ascent, Times
Property, Times Wellness and hyperlocal community publications.

And spirituality and metaphysics is his passion – a subject he has
been studying, researching and practising for the past 25 years.
He is a holistic therapist and a reiki teacher.

He has also been a columnist with The Times Group for about 12 years now; his column ‘Connect-Ticket’ which is based on spirituality and metaphysics, is also the genesis of a global healing group by the same name, Connect-Ticket, that he and his wife, Chithra, set up in 2001.

This group brings together thousands of do-gooders all over the globe who pray online and offline, unconditionally, for complete strangers.
The Connect-Ticket Group is also instrumental in  channelling donations and promoting voluntarism in the fields of health and education.

Sridhar recently self-published some of his articles as a book titled ‘Connect-Ticket’, which is available in select book-stores in Mumbai as well as on personal request. The book is currently in its third reprint.

Personal Energy Management is a subject that he has written about, studied and researched and now shares this information with people through 1-hour, 4-hour and 8-hour workshops for individuals, social groups, corporates and student bodies.

The content is aimed at empowering the individual to improve his health, wealth, relationships and daily interactions with himself and others, by understanding the energy forces within his/her body.

Simply put, it is about understanding spirituality as a science.

Sridhar also teaches journalism to under-graduate, post-graduate and school students in Mumbai. As an aside, he dabbles in photography, singing, the arts, mentoring and thinking out of the box.




Connect-Ticket Group:


Now madame who blog has asked me some intriguing questions to which I  am going to answer in my  own fashion .Listen to this and please… I wish and want each and everyone  of you   to put whatever I say into practice haan .

              Interview with R.Sridhar.

1.Who is Sridhar R?

Sridhar is a journalist by profession and a spiritualist by passion. He attempts to explore spirituality with the training he received from journalism, and tries to make journalism spiritual with the experience he has received from spirituality.


2.What made you to start a group called ‘Connect -Ticket’

To experiment and understand how energy works. I felt that the need of the hour is create a forum where the collective energy of people can be tapped for a larger good.

3. What was your family ‘s first reaction when you told them about this group ? .

They were fully supportive. Nothing can happen optimally without family support.

4.Descirbe your first session of your group  ‘Connect -Ticket ‘and how was the experience like in detail  ?.

Wonderful. About 35 people came to a temple in Bandra where the meeting was organised. They hadn’t seen me before, and neither had I seen them. We were in touch only by email. We didn’t know what we were going to accomplish but we knew that we had to meet to start something. Connect-Ticket started from that small beginning.

5.What do you think about Amir Khan’s intolerant remarks after the Paris attacks ?.

He has a right to express his point of view. We need to first understand the point he is making and then respond to it in a civilised way.

6.What do you think  the Gen X lacks ?



7.How does ‘Creative Visualization ‘ work in the process of one’s growth ?.

Exceedingly well. It helps your brain to chart a path for you.

8.How to mediate by using ‘Creative Visualization ‘ technique ?.

There is a wonderful book by Shakti Gawain called Creative Visualisation that explains the process.

9.Steps to be followed  while  sending out white/healing light to others ?

Just visualise the person being bathed in a flow of white light. That’s all. It’s that magical.


10 .What is white/healing light therapy ?

It is a creative visualisation process that aims at ‘cleansing’ the energy of an individual or situation.

11.What benefits will a person get after sending white /healing light to others?.

Better health, more clarity, better flow of things in life.

12. Who inspires you the most , your wife or child and why ?

Every lady I meet.

13.Do you believe in love ?.


14.Any message to young love birds who read my space ?.

Keeping loving and keep spreading the love. Importantly, if you love someone, let that person free. If he/she comes back, that person’s yours. If not, that person never was.


Thank you Sridhar for the splendid interview .It indeed has been  a joyous affair , while chatting with you .

With Lots of Love and Hugs 






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