Interview with Sundari Venkatraman

Today on my blog there is this lambi race ki goodhi and a restless Venkatraman called ‘Sundari ‘.I have heard this name  ‘Sundari’ when I was a student of Geography .At that time this name was  only associated to‘ Trees’‚but ….after 25 years I  hear /read this   name‘ Sundari’ once again,  when I  came  in contact with The Book Club in the year 2014  .I suppose. 


Good Evening and Welcome to  my every green  blog Sundari Venkatraman , Thanks for coming here  despite your busy schedule .

So  let’s start with the interview , Shall we ………… .

O.K. then let’s begin the game with my first question ….


1.How did you get into the publishing business?


It was the toughest journey of my life. It was inversely proportionate to my breezy writing ride that I have been enjoying since 15 years. I wrote my first three books – The Malhotra Bride, Meghna and The Madras Affair in a span of six months in 2000-2001. As you might have noticed, the first two books were published in 2014 and The Madras Affair a few months ago.


I used to blog my novels as series for people to read as I couldn’t find a publisher. I have 24 rejection letters plus a few emails. Luckily, none of these fazed me. I was determined that people read my work and hence the blog. I was lucky when Rubina Ramesh read a couple of chapters on my blog and suggested self-publishing. I never looked back.


Now with The Madras Affair in print by Readomania, I feel in seventh heaven.


2. Was writing an accident or choice?


It was an accident – the best that can happen to anyone.


3. What will Sundari Venkatraman do if she has to share a room with a rigid person for a day?


Talk with the said rigid person (RP) till I wear him/her out. The RP will have her ears ringing with my chatter and will have to answer me at some point or the other. At least for that one day, the RP will live a less rigid life for sure.


4.Initial reactions of your family towards your success as an ‘Author’?


All of them, my husband, children, sisters – were/ are too thrilled for me. Since they had lived with me through all those earlier rejections, they weren’t really surprised.


5.What would you love to bake – cookies or cake? And why?


Between the two I would rather bake cake. I like them better than cookies for one thing. The couple of times I tried baking cookies weren’t very successful is another reason.


Thank you so much Niharika for this Question & Answer session on your blog. I hope you and your readers will enjoy reading my book The Madras Affair.









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