#Tales of 2015

I have been bowed over by blogadda ‘s creativity for bringing out interesting contest  like this every time .Though there are only 2 days left  for 2015  to end .Here is list of  what 2015  gave me and what wish from 2016.

To begin with I  started blogs  called www.funtimewithkrishuandniharika.wordpress.com and  www.feelgoodwithmeblog.wordpress.com 

In www.funtimewithkrishuandniharika.wordpress.com, I  started writing  blog books because of my frustration as  all my stories that I used write for XYZ contest were not getting through …..This haunted me a lot , but then when I  started penning my stories on my blog I  got a encouragement from Vishal Bheeroo. His comments on my blog gave and still give me the impetuousity to write more .While I was penning  my stories down on this blog , my original parent blog i.e.www.sunsetreader.blogspot.in  where I used blog ‘Tales of N and V’ started to trouble me a lot , but then initially I ignored  it′s odd behaviour like a mature people .

But then….one fine morning I  decided and there and then my baby blog  www.feelgoodwithmeblog.wordpress.com was born .Admist of this …I successfully became a contributor @www.tell-a-tale.com/ with my story published there .

The link for which is given below:


When a little good things were happening here ,On  the other hand  my passion and dream of  teaching Pre Primary Kids started vanishing from  my sight .As writing  did not provide  me with monetary support  but this kept my mind sane .



But  when day out of blue my mom suggested earn money via blog .I  am least tech  savvy .I  haven’t really given this idea a try  , due to certain  restrictions .I  am not a social media averse , but…..2o15 gave other in my family whatever they wanted ….some got  gadgets, love , jobs, salary appraisal and etc…….other things.

What I wish from 2o16 is that , This coming year should feel my heart with joy and fill my kitty with opportunities to get monetary policies and become successful  by launching my blog books in a book format .

I wish  2016 gives me opportunities to get what ever I want .I hoping  that this 2016 gives me the ability to convince my kid bro to start an web page for me.My kid bro has helped many  of our friends in choosing best phone according to their taste .This include me too ;-).

OK that′s all for now .Until next time………..

With Lots of Love


“I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.”


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