Book Review of ‘The One That Got Away’by Priyanka Menon


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Priyanka Menon is a lecturer who had won the  Harlequin India passion contest last year and has release d her book  this month before Christmas and New Year. The name of her book is ‘The One That Got Away’.

The story of this book is

Two school time besties , part ways in a  way different than expected  having a soft corner for each other  .20-25 years later they meet again at a friend’s wedding who  happens to marry her  high school sweetheart .

Then…..Sparkles fly

My Views :  Priyanka Menon is new ‘Princess’  on  block who has a novel ‘The One That Got Away ’ published by Harlequin India .She is also an artist @Pune Poetry Slam.Her Book ‘The One That Got Away ’ is brilliant book to read .She has penned ‘Jai Nair’ and ‘Shyamita Bose’  the main protagonist in a very nice manner .Priyanka has also penned her supporting characters like ‘Geet Chadda’ ,‘Karan Walia ’and their wedding in an articulate manner .

The things that made feel awful.

1. After having sex with her male protagonist  Shyamita  feels like she has done ‘A Mistake’ ,if she was so confused about him  then…..she should give herself a little time.

2.Every now and then , the supporting female protagonist wants to punch the main male protagonist .Even though ….Punjabi′s are hot-headed people , I wish Priyanka could have  made the bride look a little sombre.


Overall , The book is  the recommended to all .

Especially  for beach lovers !.


Priyanka Oh Priyanka ,

Your book ‘That One Got Away ’ book is wonder ,

Which I  marvel ,

Because somewhere down the memory lane I have seen this stories happening too,

So All the very best ‘The Miti ’gal.

With Lots of Love and Happiness






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