Aadarshini says


“Anapurni  please yaar , just tell me how you are going to break this year ′s resolution.”Nina queers

Hmm….no idea yaar ! Anapurni  exclaims and says ‘By the way madam , how is your sticking to your resolution is going on ….. ’

Grrr…. why are you putting a pinch of salt to my wounded heart and anyway not all husbands are like Prof Sharma………..,Nina says .Yeah Yeah , you are right  my Prof Sharma is gem amongst all the men , Anapurni sarcastically says and keeps the phone down  by bidding Nina her adieus .

Her mind starts to rewind with the things that Nina was telling .Is Prof Sharma  that really a great or gem amongst men , she wondered .

While her mind wandered,Ting Tong the door bell of house rang…..Opening the door , she sees her daughter Aadarshini‘s  cheerful face turned to sobbing and crying face .

Hi betu, what happened to you  ?Anapurni asks her  by slowly lifting her doll .

Ma…… I have made my list of resolutions

  • Not have to any sweet .
  • Not share my thoughts with any one.

Only this much Betu….she asked by removing the  straps of  her school bag one by one  and finally keeping the bag on the table she could feel Aadarshini′s tears .

Ma , Dev…..um mm is useless joker , that ladka does not even understand the fact ‘that his class mates tease him   ’ .So….It is not my resolution to stop argument with my headmistress linty teacher .And she has called you  to meet her tomorrow , so that she can let out her frustration in whoosh .This madame Aadarshini  explained by making appreciate facial expression while she sits on kitchen counter .

Suddenly Prof Sharma’s call comes in .Hey Pa,Aadarshini receives it by greeting him .

Pa…did you have fight with Ma she is  so upset  now .Hmmm Chalo  I  will see you in the evening saying so , Prof Sharma ends the call and goes back to enjoy his college party .But then one FB  update from Nina turns his world upside down .

The FB update said “Oh My dear Jaane jigar Prof Sharma , Tumhe paya toh  kya hai fikar ,Meri Dil  hai is baat se bikabar  ki Dev ka Papa hai iidaar …………………. With Lots of ❤ Nina”

After reading this , Prof Sharma‘s heart beat rises faster and faster   and he marches towards Nina and says “Mind yourself Nina”To this she does not respond and reminds silent .

Meanwhile , Anapurni sees this FB update and remains silent for a while.It is only after a hour she calls him to find out if everything is fine in  the college .Hearing these soft soothing  words Prof Sharma  shoots  “How can you be like this ”.“Prof Mr. Ajay Sharma , my Aju  this because I  love you and my love for you is pure and by mere such storms our relationship should not break I  believe  ”she says with a smile hovering on her lips . To this he kisses her via the gadget by making her blush a lot ….



I am tagging this story to B-A-R prompt 

With Lots of Love and Happiness



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