Interview with Falguni Kothari Part 1


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Today this blog  has a special visitor.Guess who ??????????. 

She has mind of her own , her writings are sweet and pacey.She is multi facilitated personality .She is an authoress by passion .She is heroine of all her books .Her books speaks volume about her .She is die –hard  Mumbaikar  at heart .

Please welcome the Beauty of romances ,Ms Falguni Kothari .Falguni it feels nice  to have you around  . My blog  feelgoodwithmeblog   today  feels honoured  for the same 

Thank you once again for accepting the invite  ……….  🙂

So ….Shall we start with our   chat session with you .

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Interview with Falguni 

1.Soul Warrior is your first mytho fantasy novel, how does it feel to write such a story?

It feels wonderful to write about Indian mythology in such a kickass way. I’ve always loved to read and been fascinated by mythological stories. I love debating about how much of it was real or can be real, and how to relate it to modern life. I used to ask myself, if Gods walked amongst us now, what would they do? Would they stand out or assimilate? Same goes for demons, and various other mythological creatures.


2.Why did you choose ‘Karna’ and ‘Draupadi ‘as the main lead characters for this book?

Karna is my all-time favorite tragic legendary hero. He trumps my sympathies even more than Achilles. He had it rough in the Mahabharata, and I wanted to give him his own story…an epic love story. I think he deserves one. I chose Draupadi because I think she was the only women worthy of him—she’s strong, self-assured and clever, not to mention beautiful and sensual.

I’d always thought along the lines of “What if Karna and Draupadi were a couple?” since my childhood because I felt even in the Mahabharata the idea of that relationship was hinted at. And then when I read Chitra Divakaruni’s Palace of Illusions, I was validated. Plus, if Lord Krishna claimed that they would’ve made the perfect couple, who are we to argue?


3. Apart from writing what is your other passion and why?

I dance. I am a semi-professional Kathak dancer. But now I’ve taken up ballroom and Latin dancing since a few years. The absolute pleasure I get from dancing is transcendental. I love moving to music—not the hopping about like monkeys on a night club’s dance floor, but with structured movements and grace and meaning.

My Kathak teacher used to say, “Katha kahe so Kathak.” Meaning, Kathak is a story in dance form. 🙂


4.Which Disney princess inspires Falguni Kothari?

Mulan, the most. She’s a warrior and she’s a feminist. I love that about her.

5.Rapid fire questions.

A.Favorite novel: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

B. Favorite Author: Too many favourites.

C. Favorite city: Edinburgh

D: Love quote please: “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” ― Rumi

E: Favourite attire: Anything stylishly comfortable.

F: Describe a dream that would define you as a person: It’s more like a daydream…but I like to imagine Life in screaming colors. No fifty shades of grey for me.

Thanks for the interview 🙂

 To Know  About ‘Author Falguni Kothari ’.

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The part two version  of this interview , will be shortly published here.

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