Interview with Priyanka


Good Evening!

Before I  introduce you all to our new guest  here .I wish to tell you all something .Most wonderful thing happened to me  when I  had gone for walk in the park   around 4:30 pm today  , I  got  ‘a blue  kite ’ .What a luck ! .Feeling on the top of the ninth cloud .

I  know all the level -headed folks here might be feeling  that ‘Why this girl is behaving like a  kid today? ’

‘What a childish behaviour !’Hmm…..I know  ….. but sometimes behaving  like ‘Child’  is ‘GOOD’ for adult′s health .And some one  who is foolishly in love  XYZ  person  then what sort feeling would crop up in our hearts  .This we can find it in  our guest Ms Priyanka Menon′s latest release book ‘The One That Got Away’ which is available on all the eCommerce websites  .

Her eyes are  like swan swimming on the ocean bed,

Looking at the ‘delightful  eyes’  makes the sun jump in cheer    ,

But…  the sun rays that are reflected on water ,

Makes her laughs in wonder .

  Please welcome to our Feelgoodwithmeblog Flight no :369, Ms Priyanka Menon .It is pleasure to have you here dear .

Make yourself comfortable as we are  going fly you off to the wonderland of “Romance ”   so please fasten your seat beats  now.

Interview with Priyanka

1.One that got away is story of two childhood besties, why did you select  such a plot?.

You know there’s something very poignant about a love that goes unrequited. We keep reading about that kind of love, and although the depth of the emotion is staggering, the fact that it goes unheard or unsaid is equally heartbreaking. For me, the most tragic of unrequited love stories was that of Lilly Evans and Severus Snape. There were just so many unvoiced sentiments there. Childhood besties, or highschool sweethearts, as I like to call Shyamita and Jai, are unforgettable.


Your first love. And you can’t forget your first love. I couldn’t. Which is perhaps why I chose such a plot.




2.Jairam Nair ‘s character is party inspired by your achievements or is there a muse in your life?.

Jai is a mixture of all my favourite people in the world, actually. And in that sense, he is very relatable. To me, the fact that he has his flaws (which he acknowledges) is what makes him perfect. There was a reviewer who asked me if there really was Jairam Nair in real life, and if she could have his number. 🙂



3.Priyanka Menon  is like Mithi or Geet?.

I’d say I’m like both Mithi and Geet, but that is subject to the situation, really J



4.Are you die hard romantic lady  ?.

Ummm…I don’t think I’m a romantic in the clichéd flowers and chocolates sense. But that’s partly because I’m allergic to chocolates. But yes, I am a romantic. For me, the ideal replacement for flowers and chocolates would be buffalo wings and beer!



5.Do you believe that your love can melt the heart of a love averse guy ? .

I don’t believe anyone is averse to love (speaking like a romantic, I know). I think such a person has simply not been swept off his feet (because why should only girls be swept off their feet?)

In today’s day and age, love as an emotion or sentiment has been abused and used incorrectly too many times. So perhaps, there’s a certain sense disillusionment that has settled. But that can be lifted just as easily, if the right kind of love comes along.


6.How does love happen and what is the secret mantra of a successful and healthy love life?.

Love happens only once. In order to keep it going, both parties have to work towards it. Being in a relationship requires work. And as for a secret mantra, there isn’t one really. I think if two people can laugh together and find joy in the little things in life, that makes for a healthy relationship.


7.Priyanka Menon  is mama’s girl or Papa’s ladki poorri (dear daughter) and why ?.

I’ve been my father’s girl all my life. Whatever I am today, it is because of him.



8.Which snack is Priyanka’s all time favorite and why?

Monginis’ slice cake. It’s been snack-time companion right from my school days.


9.The serene climate of lonavala,

Makes me like a blossomed flower admits the green bushes,

And when dew drop falls on a leaf ,

Then at the time I feel my lover has kissed my lips tenderly .


Please write a four line poem  by using the word ‘tenderly’ once..


“Tonight, for once, don’t be gentle,
And don’t kiss me tenderly.
Hold me down,
And show me how much you love me.”



Thank you so much for interviewing me, Sweety. I hope you and all your readers enjoy reading THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY as much I enjoyed writing it  🙂

About The Author

Priyanka is a lecturer and spoken word poet, who literally moonlights as a romance writer – she typically writes into the wee hours of the morning. Her affair with romance novels began when she was barely out of the school room. For that she doesn’t know if she should thank or blame her aunt, who gifted her  first romance novels. For leisure, she loves watching reruns of The Wonder Years, reading comic books, and dissing saas-bahu soap operas with her grandmother. She believes she gets her writing powers from red-velvet pastries and white-chocolate mochas at Starbucks. You can write to her at




With Lots of Hugs and Happiness




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