Guest Post by Falguni Kothari

Though I  am  not feeling too well today due to monthly birthdays.It is my prime duty to welcome  each and every  guest who come  on  my blog ‘Feelgoodwithmeblog ’ .

So…..the guest who is going   to come here  is  Alisha of  Wordfreak, Divya of The Bootie and Beast and Quali of Soul Warrior .

Please clap your hands for Falguni Kothari ,Welcome to Feelgoodwithmeblog .


Over to you Falguni !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why did you choose a mythological subject after writing two romantic novels?


I have always been a reader. I have always been an eclectic reader. And I read constantly. In school we read the classics and Shakespeare, Indian authors and poets. At home, I read for fun. Romance Mills and Boon-style, historical novels, thrillers and comics—all held me in thrall. I’ve read every single Amar Chitra Katha (Indian comic books) ever printed…many, many times. As popular in India as the Marvel and DC universes are in the rest of the world, ACKs are the perfect introduction to Indian mythology to a student. As I got older, I graduated to more serious books, fiction and non-fiction, written in English or translated works by writers of other Indian languages. Slowly, I realized just how deep and old India’s literature, mythology and history is. It fascinated me. As did the philosophy that seemed intertwined with the myths.


When I started writing some six years ago, and after I’d shocked myself by not only producing a manuscript within a year, but also managing to get a traditional publishing contract for my romance novel, I didn’t even have to think about my next project. (I began outlining Karna’s story while I was writing Bootie and the Beast.) I wanted to incorporate my favorite mythological characters in my fiction. My fascination with physics and philosophy, gods and demons, Hindu and Jain cosmology, of the concept of karma, had given me a stage and I wanted others to be as fascinated by it. I started writing—without thought and without a plot. I only knew I wanted the Gods to use cell phones and wear jeans. Most of all, I wanted to write about serious stuff in a light and humorous way. I wanted to blend the old and the new; the east and west. Just like my own life.


I was born in Mumbai, was raised there and only moved to NY after both my kids were born. I straddle two cultures, two homes and two lifestyles and I thought if I can do it seamlessly…how difficult or easy would change be for Karna and Draupadi. Only, I have them straddling Heaven and Earth; magic and technology instead of India and US and dhokla vs pasta. 🙂


In short, I wanted to tell an ancient story to a modern audience and I did it with Soul Warrior. As for romance, there is and always will be romance in all my books.





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