Finding True Love

Nishant ‘s name and image gets spoiled all because of his PR Reva leaking an recent cover photo which is quiet steamy over social media network. This changes his life forever and he cures the existence of I.N.T.E.R.N.E.T (The Great World Wide Web) . And now his fears of losing Saurabhi once again increases .One day after playing badminton , he goes to Saurabhi’s house to tell her the entire truth regarding this picture .
The moment he rings the bell , the door of her house opens immediately with Shantee Bai’s deadly and précising stare .
Who is it , Shantee Bai ?Saurabhi queers from her master bedroom where she is presently making a project for the neighbours son ‘Anmol’.
“It’s the same newspaper mein picture wale aadhmi”Shantee Bai replies and goes inside the kitchen to make pohe for them .
Saurabhi comes out the room with Anmol by giving him a series of instructions regarding the project which brings a smile on Nishant ‘s lips for a short time until he gets the same reaction from Anmol.
Looking at Nishant , Saurabhi smiling hugs him by greeting him “Good Morning Nish !”. Nishant is stunned by her behaviour and tries reading her thoughts .
“Come and Sit here Nish” she says by patting the dinning chair .Nishant goes towards her and vomits every happening in his life to her and by holding her hands he says “Please don’t leave me forever”
Saurabhi laughed at him and said “How can I leave you Mr .Celeb? ”My life long friend…….and don’t think my love for you will fade every passing year .
This makes him smile .
Nish , you know why I am not that Tech Savvy ? she enquires him.

Because a world without Internet is worthy and connected than a world connected to internet because then we will able to grow in every possible sense of perception and never lose respect .

Very Good ! Saurabhi exclaims and they take their pohe down stairs to the garden so that they have it by sitting on swing .As swing resembles the up and down of their lives .

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

With Lots of Hugs and Happiness,

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