Interview With Falguni Kothari


Heya all 

So here is  the part two version of Interview with Falguni  .To read  the previous part please click on green coloured  link   given below

 Interview with Falguni .

Welcome Ms Falguni Kothari  – Soul Warrior  of  all  her books .I  am in love with all your female character especially Draupadi -Quali.

Over to you  Ms Falguni Kothari .Entertain my readers  with your honest replies to my questions here on Feelgoodwithmeblog  .

Interview With The Writer of Soul -Warrior  

1.Which is your favourite mythological character?


Draupadi. One, because she’s a woman. Two, because she was given a raw deal in life from her birth to her death and she still managed to salvage some pride and not be a “poor thing” in our eyes. Three, because she had the sense and smarts that her father and husbands lacked. She repeatedly saved the men in her life, who repeatedly failed her. And she doesn’t let them forget it.


2.Which characters from Bootie and Beast are most loved by you and why?


Between Krish and Diya, Krish is more “like me” than Diya. But I love Diya’s personality. I love her flamboyance and her loyalty and her cheekiness and her need to surround herself with prettiness.


3.What do your author pals think about ‘Falguni’ as a person?


I have no idea! But I suppose they like me. I’m a pretty likeable person. 😉


4.What do you like the most ‘Cooking ‘or ‘Writing books’?


I loathe cooking. I totally think we should spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. Such a waste of time: cooking. In fact, I’m trying to convince my husband to renovate the kitchen into a study for me. Why bother with cooking food when I can order from a restaurant? I’d rather cook up stories.


5.Three rules for a successful marriage  ;-)?


Know yourself.

Know your partner.

Allow for change.


6.What is your next release?


A women’s fiction novel titled, MY LAST LOVE STORY. It comes out in May 2016 and I’m very proud of this work. It’s the story of a fate-battered woman who learns to love life again at the insistence of her dying husband.


With Lots of Hugs  and Happiness



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