Evolved love

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Dead love is colder than earth , Saurabhi says looking at Nishant with her eyes shut in pain Nishant places his palms to calm her and says “Saurabhi ,my warm palms doesn’t it evoke the warmth in your heart tell me dear …….”
Hmm it evokes but with fear of losing you Nish , Saurabhi says by trying to sit up on sofa despite the pain .
He smiles at her words and reads her poem called ‘Evolved Love’.
Evolved Love is wisdom,
It is Enigma ,
It is the energy that gives us something ‘Extra’,
To elaborate and embrace love with our ever shining souls .
You love this poems , isn’t it ?Saurabhi asks him painfully by letting out a huge sigh .
‘Hey…………..,Nishant cajoles Saurabhi by kissing her forehead .
Rubbing her face Saurabhi says “Nobody knows that I have the right potential and talent of becoming a great poetess and author, In my life I haven’t achieved whatever I want ”
So…..You want die know at this stage where you have made ME ME ME ME……………..a good and honest man from animalistic  being .
Arre yaar , he says and is about to turn to leave at that time she holds his hands and sings for him “Tum aagar ho saath mere ,
Toh guum aur daardh kya cheez hai,
Jab mare Nishant…..Kahna bankar mohe maut se baccha rahe hai .”
Arre ……Nishant the great galzappa , idiot Nishant .What happened to you ? .Did you get my point ……………? she asks
Accha I am the great galzzapa hmm and what about you …………………..?
“Galzappi” Nishant says with smiles .
“Galzappi…………..”Saurabhi repeats
Ho ho …… she laughs all her way to the kitchen .Where the kitchen queen makes a cuppa of masala tea for herself .






I am tagging this story to Wordy Wednesdays #Monday Musing and

 This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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