FlintStones Recreated

Preeti standing in Anuj’s office wondered , why cannot the Alex productions recreate cartoon shows like Flintstones ? and keeps on rotating the pencil around her right hand side hair .
Suddenly she started to scribbling something in her note instead of hearing to the speeches given by the board members like Anuj to increase the sales of his company . “ The companies graph is showing depression in this particular area as in we aren’t able to satisfy XYZ demand customers …………. and he trailed off” .
“So boaring is my day job , cannot even go on washroom such a ridiculous office as well as my boss Anuj”Preeti muttered this to herself .And suddenly she shouts “Sir……. why cannot The Alex Productions recreate or allow us to create a movie based on ‘Flintstones Cartoon’ .
“Darn…. you ridiculous Preeti , just shut your mouth up and anyways because of you my company is facing such a depression”Anuj says by pressing his forehead with his palms .
“Accha I see ! and any ways I am leaving the job now let me see how your new creative team would help this company to rise up to the minimum expected level …” Preeti says and leaves the board room with an erect back . Anuj’s gut wrenched a lot and he forgetting who is ….. runs behind her .
Grabbing Preeti by her arms , sAnuj says with tears in his eyes “Do whatever you want to do here but never leave me alone like this” .
If I can create a show here are following ways
  • Watch the cult cartoon as many times as possible .
  • Jot down the important points .
  • Make some illustrative movie strips and run it on projector .
  • Write a delicate and sensible script suitable for all types of public.
  • Show your friends for their feedback
Showing her the notes scribbled during the board room meeting, Anuj wants her to response Seeing her notes, Preeti eyes simmered with tears .Snapping the paper from his hands she pens a story down by watching a video of Flintstones
The link to this video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDH…
“The story revolves around Fred who lives California and is ad hock in Alex Production in New Lamasery . But his boss Alex …the weird -o- guy does not allow Fred to deal with his client by making him frustrated but one day while returning home to his wife Wilima and his 2 year old daughter Pebbles he realizes his emptiness in his heart and so he takes them on a holiday with his best friend’s Burney’s family and then lives a happy yet a drama filled life”.
After showing the movie to the boss of ‘The Alex Productions’ he sighs and approves the movie by raising the sales of Anuj’s company .
After this Anuj and Preeti married to live a happy yet a drama filled life like ‘Flintstones’..
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
With Lots of Hugs and Happiness ,

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