Guest Post by Author Varsha Dixit

On my request Author Varsha  Dixit has agreed to write a ‘Guest Post ’ for us on our blog Feelgoodwithmeblog .So let us  see what it is












Guest Post by Author Varsha Dixit


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Can a Bollywood movie influence an individual’s love life? 


My instinctive response to the question was, Heck No!


But then I paused and thought about it. The answer was still  – HECK NO!


So I thought about it a bit more. Not because I have a lot of time and not enough things to do. But because I have a problem with strong denials. Strong denials, I believe beg a debate.


However if my nine year old daughter says she wants tattoos than that is one strong “Heck No” I will never debate. 


Coming back to the question if Bollywood can influence an individual’s love life? Yes, It can if the person feels like dancing with his or her paramour accompanied by forty backup dancers. 


Or if the person is ready to leave a rich life like Salman Khan in Maine Pyar Kiya and slog his ass off to earn Rs.2000 for two months to win the approval of the girl’s Dad. And if that is not torture enough, he also has to be ready to fight goons and again dance with the forty you know who.


So I think for the sake of sane and educated women and men, I would say Bollywood should never affect your love life. 


Let Bollywood play with your wallets when you fork up exorbitant amounts to watch some horribly made movies. However there is no denying that Bollywood is a big part of 


lives. On the way to work and back, the radio belting some of your favorite songs does make the traffic jam passable. Any celebration is incomplete until hips have swayed and hands have pulsed to Bollywood songs. 


The best! Singing wildly with you besties or cousins to ‘Chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya’ or ”Char bottle vodka kaam nahi roz ka’. Or some of us are like Nandini Sharma the heroine of my debut best seller, Right Fit Wrong Shoe, who is obsessed with 

Bollywood. She sprouts Bollywood dialogues like she were reciting her resume. So many readers loved that aspect of the book for after all Bollywood does affect our lives but the part it should – the fun part, the part that wants to celebrate and dance.


I hope you enjoyed my take on the reel influencing real. Do read Right Fit Wrong Shoe to meet the Bollywood bitten Nandini, swoon worthy Aditya and the fierce Sneha.


Varsha Dixit is the author of Right Fit Wrong Shoe, Wrong Means Right End, Xcess Baggage and Only Wheat Not White. 


The last part of her ‘Right and Wrong’ love trilogy will be out in Summer 2016.



Thank you Varsha  for the wonderful Guest Post !  ❤ you .

I hope you all must have  enjoyed reading this guest post written by Author Varsha Dixit !. 

With Lots of Hugs,





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