Karna My Generous Hero



Karna my hero,

You were  too generous for your own good,

Siding the wrong side was the merit earned  by you .

But you were a  great fool  ,

Off having touched a pure and chaist woman like Draupadi,

You got the punishment soon .⊆1⊇



What kind of son you were ,

To give away holy amour in daan ,

Tough you were the eldest child of your mother Kunti,

But…you could not earn  the respectability like your brother Arjuna did earn  ,

Because you had always an ego about your strength .⊆2⊇


Hmm what sort of daanveer yudha you were ,

Could not you give food to the poor , weak and meek,

Sheesh!  I  felt so sad for you  when you were asked to eat  your own flesh as your super by lord Yama,

That was my doomsday moment  of my life when I heard it ,

Tough you were the  illegitimate son of mother Kunti ,

What a fortune you had  ! ,

To have earned the much required name  and fame,

What advice you want give our readers,

Your silence has given us a hint ,

But whatever  people during Mahabharata era spoke about   you ,

Today you have been a famous celebrity ,

As many Indian authors have written books and what not on  you and your generosity.

Even though you had some flaws  but I  do know that Lord Krishna had and will have soft corner for you always.. ⊆3⊇


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

With Lots of Hugs and Happiness ,





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