A Little Conversation between Nishant and Saurabhi

Photo Source : B-A-R

Photo Source : B-A-R

Nishant :What a peaceful place to sit and meditate ! .
Saurabhi : (suppressing a giggle) Oh I see !
Nishant : (mocking) Yes ……….
Saurabhi : (:( controlling her giggle ) Let’s see .
Nishant :Makes arrangements and sit on a mat and starts his chant .But at that very moment a group mosquitoes comes and starts buzzing around his ears, now his eyes fall his sweetheart SAURABHI. Leaving a huge sigh he says” Let’s get out this place as this place will create fear in our hearts when it gets darker and darker .
Saurabhi : (Looking at him )’Nodes’ in yes.
Nishant : (With fear in his heart) Requests and yells “Saurabhi come fast sweetheart …..”
Saurabhi :(With a Slight fear cropping in her heart )Runs quickly and hugs him.
Nishant : (Inquires by Hugging her ) What happened dear ?
Saurabhi: (Nodding in Noooo) Cries a lot !
Nishant :(Caressing her head) Nothing sweetheart .
Saurabhi :(With her inquiring looks ) Laughs at him
Nishant :(Understanding ) Runs behind her and folds her arms behind her back and says “Lets go out for some we time and our happiness time ”

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With Lots of Love



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