Mummy 2o Ni Dikri 40 Ni

  Video Source : Garvi Gujarat

Mummy 2o Ni Dikri  40 Ni Inspires me,

As it is  every family′s story ,

The verbal banter between MoM  and Daughter is fun to hear  here ,

Some where bottom of your heart you would feel  like watching it  over over ,

Only for Ketki Dave ′s acting.



Gloria my favourite character from Richie Rich ,

She is cool as her working style is  freaking ,

Her job is clean the mess around her boss ,

But  creates Instant troubles for her boss′best friend ‘Dollar ’ -the dog.


Bollywood Sucks ,

They Irriate me with re-remixing  the party songs.


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Reflections From Me

With lots of Hugs and Happiness,




2 thoughts on “Mummy 2o Ni Dikri 40 Ni

  1. Ha ha ….1. the video in Gujarati above inspires me a lot .As this video takes the generation gap between a mother and a daughter , their fight over each other taste in cloths , speech , language use by these days kids and understanding over each other desires …
    2.Gloria is my favourite cartoon character from Richie Rich comic series from the yesteryears to know more about please read this link given here
    3 . High Heels the re remixed song from KI and KA irritates me a lot because the original party has a classy touch to it .
    I hope I have resolved your issues now ..


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