Dad’s Beauty

We had a green coloured washing machine which breath its last on 27th Dec 2015 .This beauty was gifted to my mom  by her brother on her wedding day in the year 1985 .Dad green coloured beauty worked extremely well .My Dad is very restless creature  , he cannot wait for a moment… Then washing machine gets started at a particular time but even during weekends we could not  sleep more as Dad shouts would start C‘on guys give me Cloths !Cloths !Cloths! and Chalo Chalo ,its your bath time now….I used to get irritated and still get irritated if he starts with a daily routine  of shouting…


Once the cloths are given to him after having our nice aromatic bath , he would put them in the green coloured washing machine  and then with a swing he would put two spoons of Ariel Automatic washing power into her pocket and start the machine  by pressing all the button with his soaping hands which my mom did not liked it at all  ,but our green coloured washing machine loved it …

Then Dad used to wait for the machine to make a small noise .The machine would make such a noise as if to say “Sir , you job is done ”Then he could again run towards and pull all the cloths out and put it in the spinning section of her body.She would  spin her body  like the  flowers dancing along with a wind for 9 minutes until all the cloths get almost dried up  ..Again…she will make a noise and then again Pa would get up and run towards her  to switch her off and hang the cloths up by throwing them like a ball .

Later she started to give us shocks  and used to behave with  tribulation  .Then  we threw her off .But Pa′s behaviour is same with new automatic machine  .Seeing Pa, if other male members and unwelcome d male guest start working like him life would be dam easily for all  as  they would be sharing the half of work loads which normally females take up , if they find none of them (male specimens ) are willing to complete the task .

Watch this video of  #Sharingthe laundary load  below .Males!Watch out !.

 “I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.”





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