Romances and damaged heros

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Nikki reads The One That Got Away with a chuckle ,

Seamlessly lets out a whoosh !,

As the character Shyamita   finally leaves the hero Jai,

Because Nikki  does not cry babies who constantly weep for something which they have not got ,

Shyamita is one who feel bad for Jai ,

But then  why she did read the book which was strongly prohibited by the hero Jai with taking his permission ,

And then why she takes the first step towards having  ‘SEX’  with her love Jai if she that very naive,

Thoroughly confusing is the state of women romantic  writers in India ,

Nikki wonders ,

It feel like they are going hard pace in  their lives ,

The hero always is  damaged and heroine  is also  always a ‘Sorry type ka figure ’, 

There no mutual banter at all between Jai and Shyamita,

The hero Jai is unable to speak about his fears in a right fashion ,

But once he physically or emotionally gets hurt , 

The hero Jai runs behind her in filmy style and  pulls out a ring for her ,

And  when hero Jai gives Shyamita the ring , 

She cries and  then wipes and eases  off the hurt  with a kiss on his lips,

Then ..they get married to celebrate their wholesomeness ,


Though her friend Ajopa Ganguly is confused lady ,

But her crush is on her professor cum best friend Mr. Aniket Verma,

Oh My God ! Nikki says as she reads Ajopa Ganguly story ,

Until A Ting Tong is heard ,

But when she open the door , 

She finds Sanjay mockingly brings in veggies for her , 

Snatching the veggies from his hands ,

Nikki silently whispers “Oh here is My Dream Man!”

Love you sweetie , she says by planting a soft kiss on his shoulders . 


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4 thoughts on “Romances and damaged heros

    • Shanayatales , The One That Got Away is written by Priyanka Menon and My Dream Man is written by Aditi Bose . Thanks for stopping by ! .
      ❤ .


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