Interview with My Dream Man


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Aditi Bose is name behind her creation called ‘My Dream Man  ’

She is immensely talented  and an upcoming authoress  .I  have no words to express about her latest work .

So please clap your hands and welcome the one  and only  the creator of ‘Ms Ajopa Ganguly’ the female protagonist of the latest release  as she will be taking about her latest release ‘My Dream Man’ and other things that is close to her heart .

Over to you , Ms Author 


Interview with My Dream Man  

1.Is Ajopa Ganguly is inspired by you ?.

Ajopa Ganguly is not me. She has her own persona. But there are characteristics within her that are quite like me. I guess, when a writer is writing, some of the personal quirks does filter into the protagonist’s characteristics. Sometimes this is done consciously and sometimes even without trying.


2.A older man falling in love with a much younger woman having a 10 -12 year age gap, why did you such a plot for your latest release ? Any  specific reason behind it …

I knew I wanted to write a love story and I also knew that it couldn’t be one of the run-of-the-mills story. It had to be different. Exploring love between a teacher and student seemed to be an interesting plot. Maybe because love in this relationship has often been scorned upon. I like dealing with topics in relationships that is still a taboo in the Indian society.


3.Does love happen and how do people fall in love ?.

I believe that love can happen to anyone and at any point of time. Sometimes we don’t even realize that it is love. And sometimes we are scared to admit it. People fall in love when they find comfort in each other’s presence. Love happens only after friendship.


4.What are qualities required in a good author ?.

Fearlessness to write. After all when the world reads what we have written there’s bound to be criticism. If we can can accept that bravely and with an open mind then more than half the work is done.

An author should also have the gift of imagination. If she can’t think what the characters in the story is going to be doing next then the story will never happen.

Needless to say, she should be comfortable in the language that she is writing in. Her command over that language should be good. Else the right words and phrases will never happen. There’s just that much that Google and friends can help out with. The language that the author finally – chooses to write in should be one that she thinks and bathes in.


5.Any advice to a couple in love ?.

Be best friends first. Trust each other. Don’t keep the skeletons in the cupboard. There’s plenty more relationship advice on my blog. You can visit it  🙂


6.Do you think a mother ‘s influence is more over ‘The Man Child ‘in a family ?

I think the parent with whom the child spends more time, has a greater influence in his or her life. It doesn’t matter if the child is a boy or a girl. So, at the end of the day, the parent who is more approachable gets more attention from the child. Hence it is that parent who bonds more with the kid who influences the little one more.


7 .  A small quiz

a.Your favourite perfume : Don’t really have a favourite. But the one that I am using right now is ‘Simply Breathless’ (Victoria’s Secret).

b. Your favourite filmy dialogue from a movie : Loads. This one is the latest: “May the Force be with you.” (Star Wars)

 c. Your favourite cuisine: Italian

d. Your favourite romantic moment : The first time he said ‘I love you’


Thanks  for giving me  a such a wonderful opportunity !

With Lots of Hugs and Happiness,



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