Just Books

Books are Veer′s bestie,

For Yahvi  it is like  bitter gourd juice which her father has it in his wine glass,

But still she sits with Veer who is surrounded by books , 

Truly like guardian angel,

Seeing this sight Veronika ′s eyes mists up ,

And calls Dr. Vikram for  the treatment required  ,

The shock of both her kids would not survive for longest time ,

Killed her partially,

Ghosh ! If I  had a time machine ,

I would have seen my  as  well as my children future , 

Joy of Parenting is lost now and forever  ,

Squeezing her shoulders Dr. Vikram palms off the reports in her hands ,

Shivers runs down through her spine like an electric current ,

Opening the reports , 

Veronica feels  a sexual under current ,

As a report said “You are growing to have a baby ”

Leaning her back on Dr. Vikram  she smiles ,

As he whispers “Join our Book Club”

Yahvi and Veer chorused ‘Pa’ as he enters their room that is spread with his books all around , 

Veronica just looks up and sighs a lot ,

And mentally thanks her husband and stars  for this ‘Miracle ’ .


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With lots of Hugs and Happiness ,




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