Guest Post by Shrruti Patole Clarence

Shrruti is writer par excellence , she has worked in aviation industry for about 15 years for different airlines along with a passion.And that is ‘Writing’.

Today she has agreed to write a blog post for  us .I  truly feel honoured in  this regard .

Please read and enjoy her Guest Post on the ‘Topic of My Choice ’.

Over to you Shrruti.

How did ‘A Tulip in the Desert ‘ emerge?


As said by Allen Saunders – “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Was true in my case!


It was the very 1st contest I saw online and it caught my interest immediately. It was for short stories in various genres. Despite my forte being ‘Romance’, I wanted to try something different and challenging. Hence decided to write for the Historical fiction. However was unable to concentrate on developing the plot due to office work pressures.


While I was planning on building a career at office, life was busy planning otherwise! I had to leave the job in April and while I was toying other options, I thought of giving writing a chance!


I was sure that I wanted to write about a historical character but couldn’t put a finger on a specific one. Toyed with Maratha history, Rajput history etc. and finally came upon Queen Cleopatra and Egypt history.


Egyptology has always been of interest to me and as I dived deep into it, I read a fleeting mention about Charmion and Iras, the queens maids who were the only ones present at the time of the queens suicide. Infact the two loyal servants, followed suit and consumed the same poison and laid down their life after the queen. This is the only mention about the maid.


The writer in me grabbed this with both hands and spun the tale ‘A Tulip in the Dessert’ which started out as a short story of 5000 words, but went on to become a 26,000 word Novella in about 45 days!

With Lots of Hugs and Kisses ,














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