Interview with Shrruti Patole Clarence

An Aviation Manager and 10 years with various airlines, she has been on a sabbatical for her two son’s aged six years and 1 year respectively. 
She enjoys this welcome break from career, to be able to pursue her passion, writing! 
She has to her credit 6 short stories featuring in different Anthologies all published this year, one of which will soon be seen as a short movie.
And Love, Again a double header romance Novel publish date 25th May 2015, with her story A Tulip in the Desert will soon be seen on the stands!
Her lyrics feature in the theme song of group Young Indians – an off shoot of CII (Confederation of Indian Industries).
Her poems feature in Zest of Inklings and a Hindi poem in an e-book – Ehsaas, judged by eminent Urdu and Hindi screenwriter, dialogue writer and playwright – Javed Siddiqui.


Please welcome Shrruti –this multi -faceted personality on feelgoodwithmeblog with thunderous applaud .

Today she is going to have a chat session with me and here she is going to speak  about her book ‘Tulip in Dessert’, ‘Love’ ,‘Life’ and ‘Future Work’ with some wallet cake and a cuppa of black coffee 

So lets start with the interview , shall we !. 


1.Brief us about your characters of your story ‘A Tulip in the Desert ‘


Despite the story being based in the Egyptian era of Queen Cleopatra and her beloved Marc Antony, the story does not center around these characters.


The protagonists of A Tulip in the Desert, are Charmion (Clepatra’s maid) and Rufio (Marc Antony’s trusted general) re-incarnated as Charmaine and Raj of 21st century.


They are young and carefree college students, historians in the making. Each has their dreams and plans and despite steering clear from each other, they find themselves being mysteriously attracted towards each other. Event after event convinces Charmaine that there is a mysterious force that is guiding her towards Egypt as if an indication to unearth something.


A Tulip in the Dessert is a story about this mystery and how this young couple, is yanked and tangled into the past; and how in the event of trying to change history, they discover Love, Again!



2.Who inspires you to write?


Anything to everything! It could even be you!

Me as a writer draws inspiration from even the little things in day to day life. There is this unseen urge that propels to put all of this on paper!


3.Do you believe that love can develop in the harsh climate of Desert Region.


“The heart wants what it wants. There’s no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that’s that.” — Woody Allen


So does it matter where you are or what you do! Love will sweep you off your feet and take you to heights you’ve never known!


“Destiny always has definite plans for everyone and they get reveled at the right time….” (From- A Tulip in the Dessert).


Whether it is about other aspects of life or about Love, it will happen…. If it has to happen…. Anytime, anywhere!


4.What are your upcoming projects?


I am working on a solo Novel. It is going to be a Romantic thriller set in the Aviation industry (where I have spent a decade of my professional life!). A series of events tracing their days in training, to their respective success stories; the protagonists find themselves in the middle of a mafia group trying to sabotage their airline and inturn their country.

Will they be able to avert the impending crisis? Will they have to lose each other, again, in the process? Or will love conquer it all?! (Tentatively titled ‘Airlines’ or ‘A flight to success’)


5.What is formula for ‘ Falling in love’?


There cannot be a fixed formula as such because love is not planned, it just happens! But of course you need to infuse it with a lot of trust, friendship, warmth, security and freedom. (To name a few ingredients!)


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on different subjects like‘Love’ that are wonderful to hear.

I  hope you all must have enjoyed reading my interview with Shrruti!.

With Lots of Hugs  and Happiness ,





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