Khule Ke Jiyo

Grrh…Blogadda , what sort of contest you all come up with …

OK chalo lets start with it , shall we .This personal account will be  in dialogue format so ….blogadda you have consider it .

Revisiting Memories  no 10 

Situation :1995 Mauraya Apartment Building (Malad -East ) ka Holi

Myself : Ash

Valkya , Lassaya , Andy , Vinita and Rajeev : my friends 

Chetana : My friend Didi

Myself : Wandering like a nomad  after my home tuitions .

Valkya : Playing with water balloons  sees Ash i.e.. Me   and says “ Hey Lassy , mein toh Ash ke uppar balloon faood ne wala hoon”you want to see her ever changing facial expression.

Myself : No Ways ! and myself turns around to run from Valkya′s  water balloon . 

Lassaya : Hey Valu bhaiya , she is running like P.T.Usha .

Valkya : Ye toh gayi Vinniiiiiiiiiiiii  he calls  out for Rajeev′s sister .

Vinita : Kya Hai , what happened  dude ?.

Valkya : Arre usse phakkad  yaar…. I  mean catch hold of Ash she is running away from ‘Holi’  .

Myself : Feels relieved on reaching the garden as no one was there at that time with a picckaris. But on hearing Rajeev and Valkya′s footstep I  panic and started searching for ways and means to hide .

Rajeev : Arre Chetana Didi have you seen our sisters coming in this direction , he asks her while she was preparing yummy poorn poli′s  for her family .

Chetana Didi : No  child !

Rajeev : Grrh……….

Vinita : Rajeev Bhaiya did you find her ..? 

Rajeev : No re … did you and Lassy  find her ?.

Lassaya : No Bhaiyaaa!!!!

Valkya : Did you find her Lassy  ! he asks her .Any ways Rajeev Did you ask Chetana Didi where is this madam?.

Rajeev : Yes!,  but Chetana Didi reply came out in  ‘Negative’   so……

Lassaya : Chalo lets go now and play prank on  others on our  ‘Holi Day ’ ..why waste our precious few moments over that not so spirited girl .

Vinita :  I  agree with  you Lassy ! 

Myself : Accha baachoos ! , now see what I  do to your   ‘ Holi-Day’.Looking at Chetana , I  run to floor  from the garden′s back ward entered with a blue coloured bored  balloon.Then I waited for my friends to come to their flowers and then when they arrived  I  just attacking them with water balloons by creating happiness in their hearts as they painted me and dress pink.


“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”

With Lots of Hugs,







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