Saurabhi multicolouredness

Nishant read an S.M.S message “Aaj Toh Rose Day Hai Yaad Hai Na!”—–Keya Patel. Angelina please come over to my cabin once with Saurabhi .Grrhhh…. Angelina mutters and bangs the phone down her desk .

‘Hey Angelina kya hua ?’Saurabhi asks her by propping her head over her desk .

Seth Nishant  ka bolava aaya hai ! Angelina exasperates and rants all her frustration on Saurabhi her best friend .

Oh I see chalo you go now out with Suraj Bhatia!  , I will go to Nishant′s cabin  is that O.K……darling she asks her while lifting her papers off her desk that which she wanted to show her Nish !.

‘May I  come in sir…..’ Saurabhi enquires .

‘Yes  you may come in dar..Ms Angelina Darlington ’ Nishant responds to her request .

Saurabhi enters by saying the reason of Angelina′s absence but he refuses to listen and says “Get Out ”.Feeling tired to battle with  his arrogant  behaviour , she leaves his cabin by keeping the papers on the side tray .The side tray full of read roses mocked her .

“Red Rose hmm , it always has been  sign of hurt and hatred ”Saurabhi smirks at roses  and pulls the cabin door towards her .Suddenly two warm arms wrap around her waist and turns it around .

“Nishant ….please let me go Nish”Saurabhi tells him with her voice laced with  mind numbing desire.

“O.K…sweetheart I  am letting you go but before you leave me forever , I  wish to say Sorry to you for the Pranks I Play ….huh…”Nishant stammers in front of her .

What ! Saurabhi asks nonchalantly , and why ?.

To this Nishant says “Saurabhi ….today is rose day and I  did want Angelina Darlington to go out date with Suraj Bhatia as he called me today and …..” .And…what Nish ! she says by rolling her sleeves up to fore arm and pushes him on the sofa next to his  table and kissing  his juices lips , Saurabhi unbuttons his  Shirt and Trousers .Then the tortures round of being one with each other starts .Suddenly Saurabhi finds herself pinned up between his legs and he savouring each and every part of her body as if it seemed like some kind of intoxicating drink .Saurabhi shuts her eyes and enjoys  the feel of hot lips all the over the body .Finally when legs wrapped his back on their own accord  , he whispers ‘Lets  go for a bath now  ’.Lifting her up and their ripped he takes up to his secret bedroom above his office and pushes the bathroom door with his elbow .Throwing their rips cloths in the washing machine ,he throws her inside the bath tub filled with the multicoloured rose petals with 5ml of aromatic oil in it he too makes his way to the bath tub and enjoy some relaxing and pain easing moments with their arms wrapping and soaping each other  .After a while when he opens the shower  the water tousled on  their bodies and this tantalises  her need …Saurabhi then touched the petrols of his desire with her soft fingers  and kissing his belly button , this arouses pressure in him and makes him feel weak and he presses her abdomen towards him  and bring her breasts closer  and nibbles  them with his juicy lips  .Saurabhi moans a lot and lets him penetrates  inside her sex .Making her feel numb with desire .Slowly after wiping and warping a towel around them they enter his bedroom with satisfaction and she tumbles on  his bed happily with her arms open to wrap him around her body .

Nishant kisses her lips fervently and passionately and trust her into him and says  “ You are making me greedy man now , I  love you so so very much that its hurts me when  somebody else plays pranks on you similar to the Pranks I Play with  you…by giving you the red roses ”

Any ways , how did you come to know about this day ?Saurabhi enquires by propping herself on her left elbow and with right arm she makes tiny circles on his back .

Hmmm….Keya Patel SMS   told me everything …, Nishant playfully says it .Oh I see , Saurabhi says with small smile . 

“Hey , Happy Rose Day Sau..rabhiji ! ”Nishant says by placing a bouquet full of multicoloured roses on her lap. Saurabhi looks at them with multi coloured expression  and thanked him profusely for giving her these kinds of beautiful roses on this special day. Reading her multicoloured expressions on her face , he feels satisfied and places a freshly plucked green colour rose  from his living room garden on her dishevelled hair 


It beautified her looks even more ….


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

With Lots Hugs and Happiness ,













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