Guest Post by Mohan Deep

There is no introductions required to the Guest who is  coming over  in 60 minutes  to my blog today .His book ‘Colour Me Rich ’ speaks through him .

So with least formalities , I  request  you all clap and welcome Mr. Mohan Deep here ! and enjoy reading his guest post on my blog with some cake and coffee.


Over to you Mr. Mohan Deep !.


How did the idea of writing this book crop up from ?

Niharika, fiction, to me, begins with the characters I recognise and create in a situation. As I start writing without having a clear outline of the story, things start happening in my mind and in my narration. An obstacle may appear from somewhere, another character may emerge from somewhere and the story starts taking shape. 

‘Colour Me Rich’ starts with a struggling painter, a tribe I am well acquainted with. Besides being a journalist and a writer, I am also a painter. I do Feng Shui paintings. And once upon a time I’ve struggled too. 

The entire story of ‘Colour Me Rich’ emerged from the struggles and ambition of my protagonist Akash Saigal. That it has turned out to be racy and fast is because I chose to make the story clutter free. Now, I am being told that it is almost a movie script. 

Thanks for  giving me a wonderful opportunity to host you here Mr. Mohan Deep  !.

It is indeed a great pleasure to have you  on  feelgoodwithmeblog.

Thanks once again !


To more about him and his book please visit  


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