Interview with Mr. HariHaran

Hmm…..what I  say about about the writer behind this book Surpanaka 

Today Mr. HariHaran is going to speak about his latest release and what does he think about today women !

Shall I  start the session guys …

Good Evening Mr.Hariharan !.I  am pleased to have you here , please have a seat .

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1.What is Surpanaka all about ?.

It deals with the travails of Sesha.

Sesha, who?

Educated, young, no-nonsense bearing, able administrator—these are the qualities that won Sesha the loyalties of the people after three years of rule as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. An allegation that he was the mastermind behind the murder of 73 Kannadigas threatens to bring him down but he is miraculously saved in the 11th hour.

Even before he can relish his victory, Sesha is slapped with the charge of sexually offending a young nurse. This time round, the case is strong and his supporters are uncertain. Worse, his teenage daughter calls him ‘vile’ and walks out of the house. While Mythili, his wife promises her full support, her secretive activities—undertaken with the help of a retired cop—is a cause of concern for Sesha.

Will Zarina, the human-rights activist, succeed in bringing him down? What about the insinuations of a celebrity lawyer that he is casteist and anti-minorities? When the young nurse is found dead, the case becomes even more complex. Who is innocent? Who is guilty? And who is the mastermind?

2.What inspired you to write this book?

A couple of years ago, a law intern alleged that a retired judged behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner with her. Celebrity lawyers took up her case. Media hounded the judge. He was forced to resign from a strategic post retirement job. Thereafter when the police registered a case and wanted the victim to testify, she vanished. We don’t know what happened. Was there pressure on her not to testify? Or was it decided that the purpose had been achieved? Neither the celebrity lawyers nor media felt obliged to explain their position to the masses.

Secondly, a series of articles by an IIM professor on the mushrooming NGOs and their questionable sources of funds forced me to think. Around the same time there were reports that well-known personalities who were running foreign funded NGOs were using the funds for buying branded jewellery, clothing and shoes! It made me wonder what the underlying motivation could be for floating such NGOs.

Both the above gave rise to a lot of what ifs in me and pushed me into the realm of fiction. And the novel was born. I would, however, like to clarify that it is not a real life story.


3.Why does a woman in today’s time feel vulnerable and insecure when she walks on the streets?

I am very uncomfortable with this state of affair. But the question is a complex question, which defies a simple answer. Stricter laws to deal with crime against women have been passed. Stringent punishments have been prescribed. But what is the use of stricter laws and stringent punishments, if the implementation is weak? Look at the state-wise breakdown of crimes. According National Crime Records Bureau data, UP tops the list with 11.4% of the total cases, closely followed by West Bengal, which accounts for 11.3%. It is common knowledge that law enforcement in both these states leaves a lot to be desired. Secondly, cruelty by husband or his family members accounts for 36.4% of the total cases of crime against women. So, the woman of the day has more to fear at home than on the streets. Having said all these, I would also like to add a word of caution. The laws relating to crime on women are biased in favour of the complainant. The onus of proving innocence is on the accused. This could lead to misuse of the laws. The NCRB report also says that the conviction rate in these cases is just 21.3%. This is not even 1/3rd of the average conviction rate of all cognizable offences. The low conviction rate perhaps points to the possibility that many of the cases could be frivolous.

4.What is main reason behind the increasing rapes cases in our country?

While the incidence of the crime itself may be on the increase, which is condemnable, reporting also has increased. Women of the day are more resilient. Unlike in the past, they have the courage to report such cases. Secondly this phenomenon is not restricted to our country. Crime rate in many western countries is as bad, if not worse.

5.What is your advice to today’s women on this women’s day?

Women today are confident and compete with men in every field. I will be the last person to offer them any advice.

6.Rapid Fire Quiz

a:Favourite Hindi Movie: Damini

b:Favourite Shakespearean Novel:- King Lear

c:Favourite Literary Work :

d: Favourite Colour : Blue

e: Favourite Perfume: I don’t use…

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