#A- Challenge H for Hitched Breath

Photo Source :www.pinterest.com

Photo Source :www.pinterest.com

Seeing Trisha decked up like a princess   stops his breath ,

Trisha′s soulful eyes beckons him to hold  her ,

Riddhimaan cannot stand there any-more ,

Because he makes a  promise to  his mom and Mitti his ex   ,

That he will never let them bow until his last breath ,

Leaving Trisha hopeless ,

Shattered are her dreams now ,

Autopilot Mode  is her thing ,

Yearning for love  makes her feel week,

Seeing Riddhimaan after 15 years ,

Makes her heart jump in delight ,

Trisha gets a  Hitched Breathed as Riddhimaan kisses her with all his love in his eyes.

I  am tagging this post to A-to-Z-April-Challenge

With Lots of Hugs and Kisses ,





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