The Coffee Shop Lady

Nish what a cry baby you are, she says by laughing at his straight face expression with misty full eyes .Stop it Sau….! Nishant exclaims and calls for Sonya the waitress .Err….Sir Sonya is not available now here .Ah! The same old syndrome of hiding after commenting a mistake .A mistake!  The manger asks him because he has his full faith in his stuff working for him.

‘Yes’ a mistake Nishant said briskly and gets up from his table with Saurabhi by handing off the coffee bill and  gulps his coffee in one go .Saurabhi watches this action in delight and silently walks behind him without  making any effort to console him .

Sonya sees their leaving through the bushy lawn and runs towards the coffee shop and sits on nearby bean bag with a thump once she gets in…The Manger of the coffee shop screams at her for her incorrigible behaviour of being a seductress to some nemesis and bangs a mug full of coffee in front of her. Sonya’s ex- boy friend Ender   who sees all the happening from the woods is satisfied at the way in which drama is going on…because years ago Sonya and her group of friends teased his weakness and hurt his sentiments as he could not  speak  his mind  out in front of their boss.

But seeing the current state of Sonya , Ender remind silent as she had  hurt Saurabhi Di too by  using inconsolable abuses because she wanted  make Nishant hers forever which was  not be as he was already married to his Saurabhi Di  .

‘Bitch’ he says and turns around. Seeing Saurabhi Di and Nishant staring at him, he sets his eyes on his watch .It showed him 8:30pm and he yelps” Oh Shit!”, suddenly he feels his Nishant arms around him so ‘Saale Sahib what’s up with you these days ‘ he questions him .Ender simply smiles at him and walks his way out from woods to his home sweet home.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

With lots of Hugs and Kisses ,



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