Nishant’s Castle

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Nishant looking around ‘The Abandoned Warehouse’ of his KAKA’s era feels a little disturbed as it is the same place from where he initially started his ADVERTISING business when his family was dead against his joining the ADVERTISING business , but his KaKa was quiet supportive sort of a person and so ‘The Abandoned Warehouse’ become his home then…
Slowly when Saurabhi ‘s hand wraps around his shoulders he smiles at her coming from rewind reverie and leaves the place with her as this thought crosses his mind ‘Good Memories of few men will haunt you because if you haven’t done good deal hard work to earn name fame like them then….the society will term you useless…because they will start comparing you with them which could be impossible to bear so its better to be independent’ .
And as night dawns filling the streets with happiness , Saurabhi enquires while going towards his castle in his BMW car “May I know the real reason behind of our visit to ‘The Abandoned Warehouse’ today ?. Once he enters his castle with Saurabhi ….. “ All because I have not paid my last debt to my KaKa -my mentor who helped me to start this empire’s Advertising Castle”Nishant says by pointing at the structure of this castle and kisses her soft and juicy lips when her eyes goes into wonderment .


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


With Lots of Hugs and Joy ,




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