Guest Post by Paulami

The guest who has already appeared  on this blog does not require any introductions , because the way in which the guest here  has penned Riddhimaan-Musafir   will make  you want more  ….

So with a bowl full of my favourite rasgullas in my hand .

I welcome Author Paulami Dutta Gupta here and   have placed my order to pen  a guest  post for us today by sitting here  on my sweet studio kind of blog i.e .Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes.

Now I  am leaving you all with the author .I hope you will all have an inspiring session with  her.

See Ya….Guys tomorrow have to go now as my friends have ordered me  down   for a round of  our fresh  juicy  gossip session.

Over to you Paulami ,

Do you believe that ‘Failures can make a person strong’ in today’s times ?.

Failures are essential in keeping us grounded and also supplying that insatiable urge to succeed. And yes. I do feel failures make us strong. Even in today’s times. This is something that is constant. A failure doesn’t let us get complacent and therefore helps us deliver better. Also, the more the heartbreaks the stronger one gets. Failure is like black coffee. Bitter and yet is the much needed energizer. And isn’t the world at its cruellest best today? You are brought down piece by piece if you have a different opinion or take a different path. And if you stumble in that path you are left at the mercy of trolls and judgemental people.  But then that also prepares you for the worse and after a point of time there is no fear in failure. There are just lessons to learn from it.

  But if this failure is about flunking in Math then I am not sure how it would make me strong. That is an absolute nightmare.


With Lots of Hugs and Happiness ,




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