Nishant’s love for Saurabhi’s Grandma

Nishant stared at his grandma Damyanti Devi .Damyanti Devi has created a special space in her grandchildren’s heart .But now-a days having become tech savy Dadi all her attention is glued on to the Tab which her son Tushar had gifted on her 60th birthday .
Nishant and Saurabhi stared at each other and then Dadi by saying “Dadi , please tell us some stories”But Dadi being Dadi understood everything and started becoming adamant like a kid with her age growing in upward direction .
Like a child ! she wanted her tab to be recharged with all the social networking sites , if hed did do…Damyanti Devi would on a month’s strike without having food or water and so helpless Nishant fulfilled her wish like a good grandson.
But one day when Nishant went to Saurabhi’s household for a reason he overhears Saurabhi’s grandma singing a lullaby for her while caressing Saurabhi’s forehead by keeping it on her lap which he always yearned to hear from his grandma by keeping his head on his grandma’s lap but his grandma had become tech savvy now so his wish remained unfulfilled.
Listening to the sparrow song which Saurabhi grandma risings for her over and over until her dear granddaughter doses off to sleep.
Hearing the sparrow song Nishant instantaneously doses off .
Suddenly when Saurabhi’s grandma sees the sight off Nishant resting his head against the wall and sleeping she immediately puts his head on to the other lap and starts caressing his forehead with all her love until sleep invaded her .

The Sparrow Song :

Sparrow sitting on branch of a pine tree ,

Sees the grand ma making sweet porridge for her grand daughter ,

The Sparrow runs towards the open window sill and asks “May I have this for taste”

‘No’ Grandma says and shoos it off,

After 4 hours the sparrow drinks it from the pot ,

And his tongue gets burnt ,

Because the sweet porridge kept in the pot was hot,

Seeing the swollen face of the sparrow ,

The Grand Daughter laughed aloud ,

Making the sparrow go paler ,

The Grandmother looking at plight of the sparrow said “Oh Poor you , I shooed you off then because I know about your sweet temptations you restless creature!”,

Oh Sorry Grand….ma… ,

And flies away with a lesson,

That Patience give good fruits,

Whereas restlessness give us half baked fruits like the burnt.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

With Lots of Happiness and Hugs ,




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