Repentable Intern Experience

My intern theory is simple .

Allow fresher to think something different and productive .I  am intern teacher  at a slow learners school that  does not give us vacation  nor the freedom to do want we want …So we  are bound to what our seniors say .My life has been jailed in between two pepper grey mentors , whatever they say I  have to do (it cruel sometimes)  and in this battle of wills also takes place. Initially I  used to complain about them and their style of working to my mom which was of no use as she did not wish to help me this regards .

My mom infamous dialogue “Adjust  Karo Lo Beta ” .But how much ….is a big question mark now as…I  just don’t want to go there anymore .I  want to leave but I  cannot…because after a lot of papad bailing I  got this job that too  not on my terms  because I  have a strange policy that “We should  get job on our own merit , not by influence .”

Today I will tell  you all  something that day when I  accepted this job  my stars were not in proper place ,so instead off listening to my heart  I  listened to my parents voices and opinions . Guys and Girls never do such a cruel mistake. Please  always do listen to your heart and become successful.
Though parents out of their love for us do ‘advice’  in a very irritating manner but please listen to them and in  a polite way put forth your point.

Now coming back to  my internship, Never have a  verbal duet with your senior because….these people have the  remote  that can make you  a hero or zero  in the god gifted life of yours . So Enjoy life  .This I got to  know after a parent sent a complaint letter to me ….saying “How can you expect my daughter to know tables from 2 -10 ” .That girl is of 14 years old and never open her mouth to say or ask anything  .But now how I as a normal teacher will understand this .Slow learners are smart asses they know the art of tainting a teacher’s name in public and have understood that never understated the power of slow learners  and their parents as they terrible peeps.

 “I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.


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