Interview with a Voyager

This writer is famous for her Wordless Wednesdays Prompt Exercise wherein the she chooses and expects us to choose photo which adds  ‘some meaning’ to ‘our meainingless life’ on her blog called  “Abracabadra ”. She is Vedantist too and this you can find out  through her writings .

Please clap and welcome Ms Ruchira Khanna the creator of Raj Touristy to our blog Romance Writer With walnut Cup Cakes which had been waiting for this precious  moment  and to capture some precious memories  with our guest MS Ruchira tonight with some walnut cakes and coffee… for the guest .

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Have a seat Ruchira and answers the questions which we have asked you on Romance Writer With walnut Cup Cakes with ease !

Over to you Ms R.. Have a great time answering these questions.

Interview with Ruchira 

1.Introduce Ruchira in three words ?.

Just Another Soul


2.In blog Abracadabra I have seen healing column, what is it all about ?.

I am a healing practitioner thus, the above  🙂



3.Do you believe in work of ‘Positive Force’?.


Energy if positive when doing a certain work, sure can yield results. Now, sometimes the results would not be in one’s favor but gotta take what’s delivered and carry on! Being detached to the result is the key to happiness!


4.Throw some light on methods of healing and its powers ?.


There are many methods of energy healing.

To name a few: Reiki, Pranic Healing, Healing Touch, Polarity Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Theta Healing etc.

With regards to powers…they all work towards healing the body by increasing the immunity and the energy levels.


5.What are your future projects ,any kid book in making ?.


Currently working on another fictional novel. Children’s book is in the back burner for now  🙂


6.What is one and only one mantra for the budding writers ?.

Follow your heart!


Thanks for the wonderful replies ,we are indeed blessed to have you here on our blog .

With Lots of Hugs and Kisses ,

Romance Writer With walnut Cup Cakes Team



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