Beyond by Honey Tripati

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Photo Source :


                                     Book Blurb : 

This is a story of a young lady in her early 30s, who out of inquisitiveness enrolls herself into a stress management course; and experiences a whole new world altogether. Being written about the happenings in her personal life, she narrates her journey of five days that she had spent in that course. The story begins with a blend of funny incidents, and inclines towards some thought-provoking words of virtue.

                                       My Take :

This book is written on the personal experience  of the writer  during a stress management course. The author Honey Tripati has penned her changing  emotions from her  joining date to end of her stress management course very well .This book is a  kind of self  help book .Please go forward and read it .I wish Author Honey Tripati   luck for her future ventures .

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5 Yoga Mats for this book.

I  thank Aniruddha Pathak of for sending in the ARC of Beyond by Honey Tripati.

With Lots of Hugs and Kisses ,



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