Conversation with Amit

The writer of ‘False Ceiling ’ is known  to all  by now .So guys and girls please read the brief conversation which I  had with the author Amit Sharma  few weeks ago .

Conversation with Amit the creator of False Ceiling book  

1.Writing this book came easily to you?

It wasn’t easy but I enjoyed the process. I enjoyed the difficulties the process threw at me and how I tackled them. I knew it was a challenging story to tell and I tried my best. I believe you have to get emotionally involved with your book to enjoy the writing process.
2.How did your writing journey begin, was it accidentally or incidentally?

It was a deliberate, conscious decision. I mulled over it and then decided to go ahead with the project. I knew it required commitment and I had the required time, so I decided to pick up the research work.
3.Who is Amit Sharma?

I would like to believe that I am a compassionate human being. I like being happy and I don’t get agitated too easily. I believe in long-term friendship and I in live-and-let-live. I do not understand religion or politics. I understand that we have just this one planet and we need to preserve it for our future generation.
4.What are your upcoming projects?

My next book is almost done. It has gone through a round of Alpha reading. I will be sending it out for Beta Reading in June and then start pitching it.

It’s a very modern story and spans eleven years. It’s about the journey of Sapna, a girl who belongs to a lower middle-class family living in Delhi; how she transforms from a naïve, simple-minded, college going girl to the most influential, richest and powerful woman in the world. She has a gift that turns her into a Goddess; someone the world fears and prays to. Her power changes the course of the future but is she able to cope up with the sacrifices it demands? Or does the power consume her in the end?

It’s quite different from my first book and I am hoping the readers will enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I have finished research work for the third book and written a few chapters. It’s a story of twelve people who are thrown together by destiny and how they are transformed by this accidental turn of events.
5.What is your advice to budding authors like me?

Research, polish and market well. I am learning the ropes too but these three aspects of writing as very important. Don’t rush into writing. Research for your book well, spend time chalking out your characters. Have a complete outline before your start writing. Once you are done with your initial draft, keep polishing it till you are satisfied with it. Give it to your friends who are avid readers and ask for opinions. Keep aside money for marketing. You have no idea how difficult is that going to be. 
6.Any tips for crafting a story?

I believe that a novel should have a unique story worth telling. Once you have the basic thread of what you would like to write about, mull over it for a few days or weeks. Expand it; rotate it around and modify it till you make it more interesting. I believe that the first thread can always be polished to create something more interesting. I usually get ideas at the most unusual of times. Give yourself and the story some time to evolve.

I  hope you enjoyed  listening   to this interview /conversation of mine with Amit 


With Lots of Joy and Happiness ,

Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes




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