Guest Post by Summerita Rhyane

Today the guest on our blog Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes is a sensuous romance writer who has penned many sweet and passionate romances like More Than Just Desire, AGAINST ALL RULES,HIDDEN PASSION, THE ELIGIBLE PRINCESS And some short stories collection  like UNEXPECTED VALENTINES and HIS CHRISTMAS DELIGHT.

The She Guest  is none other than Summerita Rhyane , who will charm you all by penning a beautiful guest post for us here .Thanks for agreeing  to write  a special guest post for us today here on Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes Summerita  !. It indeed a great honour for us .

Make yourself comfortable here and start … penning by dreaming  about your latest heroine ‘Piya ’

Over to you and my readers ,See Ya Guys !.


Tell me the unknown fact about ‘Piya’ — female lead from your latest release More Than Just Desire?

Hi Niharika! Thank you for having me on your blog.

Piya is an actress who has had a successful career in films. Her own go-getter nature impelled her to frame some lies and add to that a certain fear and she did something which caused her to leave the film scene and escape to the US. She put her marriage at risk with her actions and subsequently absconded from the scene.

It is hard to empathize with such a character.

But the fact is, that there is a bit of Piya in all of us. When circumstances grow adverse, we try to find an easy way out. Who hasn’t told excuses to a friend to get out of a sticky situation? When you forget the ‘thing’ your child told you to get, do you confess that it skipped your mind? What about being late for work? Have you caught yourself working on some explanation while hurrying to a meeting? Often we take our own compulsion for granted and fail to consider the repercussions on other people.

Of course, Piya’s doing goes deeper than lame excuses, and in the initial stages of writing this book, I had a hard time coming to terms with her actions. An editor promptly rejected her even without reading a sample of the story, because in romance, do-gooder heroines are the done thing and any other with more ‘human’ shades was to be shied away from. Flawed heroines are better dealt with in humor loaded chic-lits only. But are we really so white in our lives as we expect our fiction characters to be? Anger, jealousy, frustration rules us all too easily, causing us to make a mess of any situation which could have been dealt with understanding and compassion. The truth is, we need love and caring to bring out the love and caring in us and when it is not available, we turn into the dark side of ourselves.

That’s what Piya is. The dark part that needs nurture and care to become someone worthwhile.

Thanks for penning a wonderful  guest post  for  us Summerita !.I  hope our readers   here must have  enjoyed reading your post  while I had gone out for some work .

With Lots of Hugs and Kisses ,

Romance Writer With walnut Cup Cakes



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