Interview with Summerita Rhyane

We all know Summerita Rhyane as a sensuous and passionate romance writer ,but today she will throw some light on her likes and  on writing a complicated scene .So please welcome the voice of Romance Summerita Rhyane on  our blog Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes here  as she will be speaking to me  about her likes , writing and some other stuff  related to her books.

A brief Tea-Tell session with Summerita 

Good Evening Summerita and welcome to our blog i.e. Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes. I  hope your journey to our blog was hassel-free … one 

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Have your chai first ….

OK lets  start with your interview  now , I hope  the chai isn′t that hot  .

1.Tell me something about yourself?

Hi Niharika! Thank you for having me on your blog.

I’m a romance author with a leaning towards writing historical and contemporary subgenres. I’m also a doctor, who is working on the administrative and teaching side of the profession. I grew up wanting to be a writer but somehow ended up as a medical person. I live in Punjab with my family i.e. my husband and two teens. I’m quite traditional in outlook, except when I’m not. I love junk food, probably as much as my kids do, and indulge in movies and TV serials a lot. I guess stories attract me in any form. I play a little chess and watch cricket on TV for my quota of sports. I’m a very indoor person – guess that’s why I am a writer – my usual outdoor activity is taking a walk.

I have published two historical romances and three contemporary ones, besides a short story collection.
2.Why do you like historical romances?

I loved history as a subject. I would read all the chapters in my history textbook which the teacher said were out of syllabus. I devoured comic books in Hindi like Amar Chitra Kathayein. Growing up, I read every Barbara Cartland book that I could lay my hands on. When they were done, I got addicted to Harlequin historicals. One day I just thought of how rich and romantic the Indian historical culture was – and a germ of an idea began. I wrote the story of a slave girl on Malabar coast. However, I couldn’t do justice to the story. Then another idea began and Hidden Passion – the story of Princess Rukmani took shape. After about a year, I thought of publishing it and gradually reworked over it and finalized the book.
3.What percentage of ‘the humor content’ should be there in a romance novel?.

I don’t believe there is any ‘should’ in writing. I would love to laugh while reading a romance. The more laughs the better. However, emotional exploration is intrinsic to a romance novel and it should never be forgone for humor.
4.How to create a conflicting situation in between the characters while penning a romantic tale?.

Contrary to what everyone says and thinks, ‘Boy meets girl’, does not make a romance. It doesn’t even constitute a love story. The backbone of romance is conflict. Are your characters on the two sides of a situation? Are they on the opposite sides because of a choice they made in their lives? Until you have a convincing and believable conflict, you don’t have a romance. No matter how many dates and kisses you describe, no one will feel like reading on until there is a driving factor to the story. The conflict must be unique to your characters while also evoking sympathy for them in your readers. You can have the heroine trying to save her grandmother’s shop while the hero is building a mall in the vicinity. But unless the hero has a good enough motive, you will run the danger of making him appear a villain. This is the conflict in one of the stories in Unexpected Valentines, my short story collection. The heroine is out to libel the hero until she discovers the truth of why he is acting like he is.

5.Which is your favorite quote from ‘More Than Just Desire ‘

These lines she says to him,

“…when you touch me, I feel like I’m precious. Someone who can be gold. Glittering, blazing gold…”

Thanks for hooking our readers here , It is indeed a pleasure to have you over and over .

With Lots of Hugs and Kisses ,

Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes Team 



2 thoughts on “Interview with Summerita Rhyane

  1. I’ve read two of her books and absolutely love Ms Rhayne. I didn’t know she hails from medical background and man, the Doc writes sensual romance so well, with a heart in an effortless manner. I must make my characters conflictual next time, I wrote on my hot favorite subject, a dish of love, sex, romance and of course, conflict:)

    I am thinking of making a romance with caste as the point for conflict:)

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