Love is Faith

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Photo Source :

 It t is Ninarika and Vijay′s 25th  wedding anniversary and he decides to take a break from the regular restaurant celebration habit and so they both go  to Juhu beach  to celebrate their anniversary in peace .On reaching Juhu beach,  they see crowds playing enthusiastically with each other and at the nick of time they see a big wave  gushing towards  and falling on them .It gives them  ‘a blessing in disguise ’feeling.But then Ninarika see “The seat beside her was empty…” and her twists as the Sunny days of being  around   her children Ajay and Meera  are gone with the wind  because  her children grew and flew quickly like  grown up adults .

Vijay who also sees ‘the empty seat’ feels his heart ache for his kids to be around them

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