Guest Post by Inderjit


She is most influential person who has won many awards  through her positive writings and lectures .She has won many awards .Her books speaks lot about her persona.Today she will write a guest post for us here on Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes , so please let us welcome  her here with some soothing pictures  to beat the outside temperature .

Thank you Inderjit for coming over  to our paradise Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes by combating the outside .Have a seat here and enjoy the soul soothing pictures hanging around the walls  .Hmm…Err…Inderjit could you please write a guest post on Kaleidoscope-Colours of life PLEASE for our readers .

Ok , then here you go  .

What do you mean by Kaleidoscope-Colours of life?

Kaleidoscope – Colours of Life is a tapestry of suggestive and poignant thoughts and ideologies that serve to be your guide at any stage of your life.

Interlaced with threads of experiences of life and lessons learnt from them. Seven inspiring stories depicting the varied emotions have been woven into a magnificent array of a Rainbow. Pearled with the symmetry of success that each protagonist has achieved in this event called life.

Charting the various shades of life, the book further highlights the ups and downs of each of the characters, who are embedded here as a metaphor for a rainbow, in the patio of a plethora of circumstances. Each person has made his choice in the given situation and then lived that role with utmost sincerity, giving his life an upswing towards happiness and contentment. And that is why the rainbow serves as a metaphor for each emotion.

This book is for anyone who is ready to live their life to its true and meaningful purpose and to its greatest potential.

Thus sharing wisdom, experiences and insights, Kaleidoscope – Colours of Life intends to deliver a message that will inspire and empower the readers to sense happiness and contentment, and help them to navigate life as a true and confident individual. With my book, I intend to spark a hope, and inspire all those who are entangled in the adversities and are trying hard to extricate themselves from it. There is always light in the end of the tunnel. I found mine during my trials and tribulations and I intend to help you see your silver lining in the dark cloud, with this book.



Thank you Inderjit for entertaining our readers with your  valuable inputs .Hope to see you soon .

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With Lots of  Hugs and Haapiness ,

Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes Team


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