Guest Post by Pamela

On our blog we have the no 1 mystery romance writer of U.S.A. Please welcome the  creator of Emily –P.A.M.E.L.A.with lots of enthusiasm  .Guys come on make our guest comfortable here on   Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes as she going to voice her opinion about her central character Emily from her book “Hell to Pay”.

Over to you Pamela, but first please have the coffee  served  on   Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes  blog studio


Ready  Pamela ! 

OK then, here you go 


  The Characterization of Emily is very interesting. How did you do the character sketch of Emily?

Emily’s defining strength is courage and her defining weakness is her recklessness, so I started there and worked backwards through the events in her life that had caused her to act in or out of character. Her father’s disappearance caused her to try to replace his love in her life with a quick and early marriage, and it exacerbated her recklessness because she didn’t feel valued, and thus de-valued herself. In essence, she gave herself permission to act recklessly because the outcome of her often dangerous decisions didn’t matter to her—she didn’t value her own life. I could go on and on here, because obviously there’s a lot more. But that’s where I started.

On the outside, she looks like I did at her age 😉  and she’s from my hometown. But the person she is modeled off of is a close childhood friend who worked for years in child services, with foster and adoptive children, and with kids whose parents were struggling to be better parents so their children would not be taken from them. This friend later became a legal assistant. Her heart for helping children inspired and intrigued me, and it led to Emily’s struggle to save and adopt Betsy, and fighting for Greg and Farrah in Earth to Emily.


Thanks for an insightful guestpost  with our team Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes



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