Interview with Inderjit

Last time Author Inderjit had penned a motivational guest post for us on my request here .  Today she will answer to some of intriguing questions on Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes and readers of Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes .Please do not let your eyes and ears wander about  as  her replies may /could solve your problems for which you have  been looking out for some soluble solutions .

Interview with Inderjit 

1.Who is Inderjit Kaur ?

Inderjit Kaur is an author, motivator with a powerful voice of spreading positive words through her writings. A highly influential blogger and inspirational guide who with her tag line ‘Keep smiling, keep shining’, has brewed up with the original concept of living through her books of A living series.Inderjit Kaur a full-time writer whose other books include Living a more meaningful life, Elements of life and Kaleidoscope – Colours of life released this march on the auspicious festival of Holi.A domestic violence survivor, single parent, full time writer, Avid reader, resides in Mumbai.


2.How and when this concept of Kaleidoscope-Colours of life emerge?

By seeing the colours while my son was painting and I too joined him brushed some strokes on white canvas and was amazed to see and feel the hidden message that everything is blank until filled this inspired me to incorporate all the colours into one string and what could be most appropriate than a rainbow hence the idea coalesced why not collate seven inspiring stories of different age groups into one book who never gave up on life.


3.Which is your favorite writing genre?

Well as lots of life learning experiences that I have penned down as inspiration and it all started decades ago mostly poetry which I wrote during my youthful years and still I do nurture a thought of publishing them at a later date. But it was after I started writing on my blog regularly since almost three years that I evolved as a writer and I wrote all that I have been learning through my trials and tribulations and It gave me an opportunity to explore all the areas of my interest – life philosophy and Spirituality. There are almost more than hundreds of posts on my blog . A Living Series making the mark of Inderjit Kaur as a nonfiction and inspirational writer. I did suffer and survived 22 years of domestic violence headed with betrayal of relationship but I didn’t give up. I chose not to surrender but fight with leaving behind my footprints as an inspiration for others. When you reach a stage where the only option left is to release things clinging on you that are pausing your life, you feel enlightened and no longer a victim. You experience your mind is at ease even in difficult situations and this remarks you to a point of self-liberations. Simultaneously, you are blessed with more skill, mastering your potential and making yourself wiser every day culminating you to self-transformation that goes beyond transcendence. I had originally thought to write a biography, but I felt there would not be enough information available to me. But inspirational words were jotted from core of my heart thus self-help and positive living books brewed up thus I was successful to create “A living series”- And now I’m pro to write only positive and inspirational ideas.


4.Who is all time favorite authoress?

Well to be honest I am great fan of Paulo Ceolho and the authoressbutIam inspired by writers with courage and internal fortitude thus,yes I am fan of Anuja Chauhan, Taylor Fulks, Regina pucket, andrecently Raksha bharadia and Aditi chopra.

I hope all my readers here on Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes must have enjoy reading this  post. 

Thanks for motivating replies  Inderjit !.

See you Soon..

Until next time 

With Lots of Hugs and Joy ,

Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes Team


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