TBC Affairs

Copyrighted Image courtsey : Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes

Copyrighted Image courtsey : Romance Writer With Wallnut Cup Cakes

I  do not know when my affair with TBC began , but till today I feel dazed  on the amout of books I  have read so far which would not possible for a lone me . Sometimes I  feel good  because deadlines keeps me on line . Otherwise my life could be derailed .

Though my deepest passion is writing ,  I  do not  get  enough time to pen long and lenghty posts .As an Arts student I  used fill pages for my  economics papers so that I  get good marks and grades  .

Hmm…this is what happens in our life ,until a given period  of time we crib about us being students  .Its only after we lose our student days we yearn for it more …

As we want socialize with our  yester memories  ,but none of time /time clashes to go out for such meets .

I  am still in shock as to how I  mangaged to meet my other writer pal mates because my  kismat is like Jethalal Champa Lal Gada ka Kismat  of TMKOC  ~ a popular India Sit Com . There the  lead protagonist Jetha says “My Kismat is like this ..the moment one problem goes , the other stands around corner waiting to enter my house ”

Today I  will thank all my stars for their kind coperation …and Queen of TBC  Rubina Ramesh for organizing and hosting such a offline meet .

It was indeed great time meeting wonderful people like

Sundari ,












and others 

If I  left someone ,please forgive me .




The expression on Daya Bhabi′s  face i.e. above pic is what I  am having on my face right now….

With Lots of Joy and Happiness Bubling inside me,

Sweety (Niiharika)


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