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” Twenty-six alphabets, twenty-six names, and twenty-six short stories. Each exploring one unique emotion, taking you into the dark recess of the mind. Some frothy and most of them dark. Most standing alone and some facing a mirror, where the same story comes alive in two different ways, through two different protagonist . Meet myriad characters – from the single-minded prostitute to the man on the railways station bereft of any memory; a woman desperate for a biological child to a dead man’s trial. Meet a jealous lover with a twisted brain and a gay man’s memory of a one-night encounter. Meet twenty-six such characters arrested and sentenced for life inside the pages of a book. Each one leaving an indelible mark on your soul.. “


Book Review : 

RUKHSAT  –The Depature by Sujit Banerjee is wonderful book to read .The stories are written in an Alphabetically Way  .There are twenty six stories  in this book .Some stories are interwined with each other , some are heart warming , some are gut  wrenching and some make you  question ‘Is it possible ’.

The Author Sujit Banerjee has manfully tackled all the issues pretainning in our society   by penning it in form of 26 short stories .After reading Sujit′s book , you will grow into  a matured  individual   as some of his stories will make you think …and this will have  a great impact on your persona.

The Stories which impacted me are

1.Siraj -Manu′s Egg Rolls.

2. Devesh- The Confession .

3.Jaba- Flower of The Gooddess .

4. Chitra -The Marriage  and 

5.Palash- Letter to an Ex-Lover .


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5  Lolipops for this book.

A Recomended Read to All.

Please do buy and read .

This book is available in

To know about the author  please visit  the book page ie.

Read his interview with Nikhil Narkhede

I  thank Namrata M  for sending me RUKSHAT -THE DEPATURE BY SUJIT BANERJEE.


With Lots of  Joy and Happiness,





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