Keshav’s disappearance

Keshav a regular gambler at his friend Sam ′s Adda ,sees Dr. Samista there  and feels bad about looting her cruelly by snatching the land which she got via her ancestral property divide .

Seeing her distraught features , Keshav walks towards her table and slightly knocks  the table .Dr. Samista looks up  at him with her blank eyes  and asks “Why you did this to me , Keshav..”.  Keshav stares at her for a while and kisses her lips hard with his mint spray mouth .Ssshh, You…Keshav  what they hell do you want ,? Doctor Samista inquired impassively .


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Photo Source :

Doc ….please leave now and do not return this  …he palms off the  packet .“I  love you Keshav , but….I  cannot take this money…that you  won via gambling  even though I  am distressed ”.Keeping the packet on table , she extends the document papers of the property purchased by him  along with her  hard-earned money  .Keshav looks at her  with a mock and makes a silent vow “Off Protecting  Them ” in front of her .

Before she leaves , he asks “When we are going to meet again”.Hmm.. before I  die , she says and pops a silent killer capsule .Much before Keshav could understand  ..Doctor Samista grabs hold of his hand  and falls on him .Keshav collapses on the floor with her . Doc…Samista….Sam…Sam… , she did not wake up to his calling . The packet of his gambled money disappears from the table of Sam ′s  Adda  forcing Sam to shut his paradise down just to protect  his friend′s  Keshav and   his love   Doctor Samista′s lives as few years ago they ..rescued him from dangerous species called‘ Jayant bola′ a psychopath whose relation with Keshav has been pathetic .

Doctor Amit, how is Doctor Samista  my lovely wife  doing ?  Keshav asks him humbly .

Hmmm, yaar …she is doing perfectly fine dear Keshav and  I  suppose   your mission of catching Jayant bola is a success  now  he states by patting his shoulder . .

Yes …, he replies in a casual way winking at his wife  whose eyes widen in shock  and wonder .

With Lots of Hugs and Joy,



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