Interview with a romance Addict

Hmmm….  how could words define a romance addict  ,  can anyone help  me please ? .The Author who  is  visiting my  blog with her  debut book   today  calls herself as a  ‘romance addict’.

Please welcome M.V.Kasi the author of ‘The Same Old Love’ to Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes with some  champagne and chocolates .

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                         Interview with a Romance Addict 


1.Please Introduce yourself for my readers?

I’m an avid reader who loves getting lost inside a good book. I have read all genres, but romance—contemporary, historical, paranormal, etc—is my all time favorite. During my childhood, I used to write short stories or make up some on the fly and narrate them to my friends. Since then, I have recently re-discovered a passion for writing.

I wish I could write a heavy literary masterpiece that would appeal to the book critics. 🙂 But as the saying goes—if you don’t read it or don’t like it, then don’t write it. It held very true when I decided to write a book that satisfied my obsession with romantic stories and their happily ever after endings. Right from the very beginning until the end, my story flew and the characters and the dialogues consumed me. I sometimes would try to sleep, but one of the characters from the books would talk to me and I would hurriedly take notes on my phone during the night. Even things that I would see around me or people I met inspired me towards creating the characters in the books.

Since I have a full-time job during the day and a family to cater to during the rest of the time—every minute of my free time was precious to me. My time spent on writing “That Same Old Love” was well worth it. I hope the readers enjoy the story of Mahi as much as I did while writing it.
2.Brief us about your lead character in ‘That Same Old Love ‘?.

My characters drive my story. Sometimes, they take me to places that I have never been or experienced. Mahi is my lead character with several shades of grey.

To most outsiders, the young Mahi comes off as a bully with attitude issues. She is the product of being a neglected girl-child who seeks attention from her parents by being rebellious and obnoxious. That idea is so far ingrained into her that during her late teens, she turns into a bully. She bullies another character from the book mercilessly due to jealousy and also causes havoc to the hero. It is very easy to hate someone like that and also judge them by their behavior. But sometimes, there is a lot more happening in people’s lives that are not obvious. It doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it can explain why they behaved in a certain way.

The grown up Mahi is totally a different kettle of fish. Things that happened in her life could have easily broken her. But she rises above it and comes out as a survivor. In her new persona, she is bold, very driven and a great friend. However, she also has a lot of flaws due to her deep rooted insecurities.

A lot of us can relate to Mahi’s character in one way or the other.
3.What is the motive behind such a catchy subtitle ‘A Match made in Hell’ ?.

I enjoy reading romances with enemies-to-lovers themes and cannot get enough of them. I love the chemistry and conflicts involved in such stories. “That Same Old Love” is based on my favorite theme—about a man and woman who are quite the opposites and have some bad history with each other. A few people who knew them both didn’t think their pairing would ever work, and dub them as ‘A Match Made In Hell’.
4.What according to you is the strength of ‘Love’ ?.

Love is something that can make you do extraordinary things. Things that you wouldn’t otherwise do normally.  Be it a sacrifice, risking it all, or even making a fool of ourselves. And that love could be towards your parents, siblings, children, lovers, anyone.
5.Do you believe in ‘Happily Ever After ‘ kind of endings?

Strangely, in real-life I am a little bit of a pessimist. 🙂 I know that life doesn’t always offer everyone ‘happily ever after’ kind of endings. But the challenges one faces through those hardships are what strengthen us and also empower us. The ‘bring-it-on’ attitude goes a long way to help face these challenges. I believe in more of a ‘happy-for-now’ ending when it comes to reality.

But in middle of a romance fiction, I absolutely love reading the ‘happily ever after’ kind of endings. Mostly because like many people, I consider books a form of escapism.  Books can take you to those magical places or situations and offer you a thrill ride through the character’s up and downs, to ultimately end in a thoroughly satisfying happily ever after.
6.One mantra for a marriage to be successful?

Show appreciation towards each other as much as possible and in whatever form possible.

Even small gestures like thanking each other for help, or for simply being there, do a lot to maintain a healthy relationship. Once you begin to take your partner for granted or feel indifferent towards their help, the downward spiral of your relationship begins. People can remain in a long marriage, but can also be stuck inside an unsuccessful relationship where one or both partners resent each other.

I hope my reader pals  here are enjoying every bit of your say 

Thanks for joining me M.V.Kasi.

See Ya  !.

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With lots of Joy and Happiness ,




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