Guest Post by M.V. Kasi


When we are  reading  a book our  mind immediately  get  connected to some kind of music  and after reading “The Same Old Love”my  mind took me to this pop music from 90s .

Today on Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes  a very special guest is going to come here to explain how a rellibelious person can  be good at heart .

So please welcome  our guest Author M.V.Kasi   here with great  some music and Indian savories 

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Have some savories and entertain our readers on this blog ie Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes

Over to you Ms Author and yes please keep my readers hooked on to your write up here ,they can easily get distracted    .


Can a bad or rebellious girl be a good person at heart?

Definitely. There are always two different sides to everyone. We behave differently towards people we like and people we dislike. On the flip side, we also categorize people around us to be good or bad depending on how they behave towards us or towards people around them. As humans, we look for black and white and most of us are uncomfortable with grey, which is how all of us are programmed. People can make mistakes and still be good at heart.

My lead character Mahi is a hot mess. She has abandonment issues and commitment issues. She let her abandonment issues drive her to being rebellious and a bully. She caused heartache and trauma to several, making it very easy for people to hate her and fear her. But at the same time, she truly loved her aunt and her cousin. She was also a good friend and a girlfriend. According to the people whom she had bullied, she would be considered bad and rebellious. But according to her cousin, aunt, friends or her boyfriend, she would be considered good at heart.

I am hoping people empathize with Mahi’s character even during her bratty teens, when she hadn’t completely redeemed herself. I personally find it impossible to relate to perfect characters.



I hope y′all like Author M.V.Kasi′s guest post  . If so please do read her book and spread the word amongst your romance  addicted friends .


With Lots of  Joy and Happiness ,

Romance Writer With Walnut Cup Cakes Team


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